Cost of Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi

On top of the vaginal opening, there is a thin membrane present, which is known as the hymen. It is shaped like a ring and during the first sexual intercourse, it often sheds blood. Some women are born without a hymen or lose their hymen through athletic activities. Beyond that, the size and shape of the hymen can also vary from one woman to another. This is why some women feel pain and shed blood during their first sexual intercourse while others don’t. Because of these reasons, a woman might wish to get her hymen back. A hymenoplasty surgery can help in restoring the hymen of a woman. You will learn more about this procedure today in this article. We will also talk about the hymenoplasty surgery cost in Delhi.

What is Hymenoplasty Surgery?

Hymenoplasty surgery is defined as the temporary restoration of the hymen in a woman through surgical treatment. A hymenoplasty surgery is also known as hymen reconstruction surgery.

In some religions and cultures, it has been considered that bleeding during postnatal intercourse is a sign of purity. In this process of hymen repair, the pink membrane is restored which blocks the vaginal entrance if it has been ruptured due to any reason.

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What Are The Causes of Hymen Breakage?

Apart from mentioning and going over the reasons for hymen reconstruction surgery, it is also important to look at why the hymen might break. And what function it serves in the body.

The primary function of a hymen is to protect the vagina from any kind of bacteria. This helps to keep the vagina free from any kind of infection. This is why the hymen is not just considered to be a symbol of purity but also protect the health of a woman.

Cost of Hymenoplasty Surgery in Delhi - Causes of Hymen Breakage

Causes of Hymen Breakage

The hymen of a woman can rupture due to several reasons. Some of those reasons are:

  • Sexual contact
  • Strenuous physical activities like stretching, dancing, bicycle riding, and horse-riding
  • Rigorous physical activity
  • Athletics

Are You a Good Candidate For Hymenoplasty Surgery?

Are you thinking of getting hymenoplasty surgery? If yes, then you need to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure.

Ideally, a candidate for hymenoplasty must have lost her hymen due to some reason but wishes to restore it. The woman must be in good health. It should be noted that women who have genital cancer or any other chronic venereal disease are not suitable candidates for this surgery.

What is the Cost of Hymenoplasty Surgery In Delhi?

The average cost of hymenoplasty surgery in Delhi varies from INR 25,000 to INR 60,000 which depends upon the following factors.

  • Techniques Used

The cost of hymenoplasty depends on the techniques used for the procedure. The basic technique requires a few dissolvable stitches. The remains of the hymen are stitched back together in which the torn parts are sewed back.

But what if there are no pieces of the hymen present to be stitched together? In that case, the surgeon will create a new hymen using the tissues from the lips of the vagina. 

  • Qualification of the Surgeon

The surgeon preferred by the patient must have a sufficient amount of experience in the same area. On top of this, the surgeon must have the right qualifications. This is done to make sure that the patient gets the best possible results.

  • Hospital Charges

The hospital charges include the general fees for consultation, diagnostic tests required, and hospitalization charges from admission to discharge. Very often, the post-consultation charges and medication charges often add up to the overall cost.

  • Location of Clinic

The location also plays a crucial role in determining the overall hymenoplasty surgery cost. This is why the hymenoplasty surgery cost can vary with a vast difference even within a small location.

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