Why Breast Liposuction to Reduction Breast

Why Breast Liposuction to Reduction Breast

Breasts are an important part of the women’s reproductive system. During adolescence, hormones are released in the female body by the ovaries in the first half of the menstrual cycle.

Namely, estrogen is the hormone which is responsible for the growth of female reproductive parts and organs. Adolescents on an average of 4-5 years complete breast development after the breasts show a signal of the beginning of puberty.

Depending on person to person, the amount of estrogen released differs. It stimulates the development of milk ducts in the breasts. When released in excess, it results in the enlargement of the breast region.

There are a lot of women that have oversized breasts which look disproportionate to their bodies. Apart from the improper fitting of clothes, there are other problems that female faces with oversized breast. The excess fat over the breast region puts extra weight over other body parts like the neck and shoulder. For some unmarried women who are seeking a solution to this problem, breast reduction surgery is an excellent remedy.

What Is Breast Reduction?

Breast Reduction surgery is a surgical process in which the excess fat and tissue are removed from the breasts. It is also known as mammoplasty reduction. It is a good alternative for women whose breast size has enlarged and causes discomfort to the spine and neck.

Breast reduction results can be very drastic as it relieves pain and enables the patient to prevent chest making it easier to exercise and lift weights.

A breast lift as a part of the procedure is also done on the patient which can make the breast look a little flat. However, it takes back the perfect shape after post-recovery and makes the patient confident and glaring.


No Scar Breast Lipo-reduction for Unmarried Women

The breast consists of fat and glandular tissues where fat is responsible for the enlargement of the breasts. Conventional methods included the overall breast volume of the breast being contracted. After Post-recovery, although rounded, the natural shape was lost with scars still left behind.

But some women do not want scars after breast surgery. The reason being the potential of breastfeeding decreases for women who undergo breast reduction surgery. Another reason being regarding marriage issues. For those women, who seek scarless surgeries, Vaser Liposuction technology is the best suggested.

The Vaser breaks down the fats present in the breast into a liquid form which is later collected through another instrument. Vaser technology has been considered the best technique for those women who seek no scars on their breasts.

If sagging is less, this is the best option to operate on such women. Along with breast reduction, if sagging exists, a breast lift is another option to consider.

The Procedure Followed for a Reduce Breast Size

A portion of fat near the nipple is cut and collected through liposuction. Then the nipple is placed above where it was before. General admission takes around 4-5 hours. An average procedure takes about 1-2 hours with minimal pain and the breast feels numbed afterward.

Swelling reduces with time as the vessels shrink during liposuction. The liposuction procedure is almost painless. Once the surgery is done, the patient feels a significant amount of relief from the weighted breast.

The Recovery After the Reduce Breast Size

Rest for 3-4 days is required. After that, the patient can continue her work with no issues. Exercise can be done within 9-10 days. Mild pain could be there for a day or two.

The final shape of the breasts would take around 3 months to take because the entire swelling takes time to disappear. The results are outstanding and can even be seen easily when viewing “before and after” photographs.

Know about what should precautions after breast reduction surgery.

Advantages of Breast Lipo-reduction

  • Scarless procedure for unmarried women
  • Retains a natural and rounded shape
  • Quick and safe recovery
  • Little incisions made during the surgery
  • Remarkable reduction in weight of the breast
  • Provides a glaring lift to sagging breasts

Why Should You Consider Breast Reduction at Divine Cosmetic Surgery?

Breast reduction treatments require utmost care which should always be performed by qualified and experienced plastic surgeons. Dr. Amit Gupta and his team at Divine Cosmetic Surgery have a collective experience of decades and provide excellent results.

With all precautions and appropriate care, Divine Cosmetic Surgery has treated thousands of patients and has been considered the most trusted cosmetic surgery center which delivers the most satisfactory results.

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