5 Causes Behind Failed Hair Transplant?

  • Less-experienced doctors are prone to make blunders while predicting the permanent safe donor area for hair transplantation.
  • Not following proper Post-Operative Care.
  • The other reason is not knowing which hair transplant procedure is best for the patient.
  • Improperly Placed Grafts Can Cause Hair Transplant Failure.
  • Poor Use Of Donor Hair.

A hair transplant can help to resolve your issues. Dr. Amit Gupta is a renowned Plastic surgeon who has performed 6500+ hair Transplant procedures at his clinic Divine Cosmetic Surgery.

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Understanding Bad Hair Transplant

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Failed & Corrective Hair Transplant

A bad hair transplant in Delhi is used to repair bad or prevented results of previously performed procedures is referred to as Corrective hair transplant surgery. This is usually done on patients who are dissatisfied with their results usually because having had poorly performed hair restoration procedures or out-dated hair restoration procedures done in the past such as mini-grafting, strip harvesting, or scalp reduction surgery and getting unnatural results, hair plugs, or scars. 

Other reasons might be poorly performed surgery or inappropriate candidates. All these problems can be fixed under corrective surgery with intelligently organized procedures and technology. Correcting these failed hair transplants is challenging because of the reduction in the donor area, bad hairline designs and previously done scarring. It can also be very traumatic for the client.

  • You had your surgery with an inexperienced surgeon.
  • You have messed up your hairline and want to re-correct it.
  • You want to regain your confidence back which was lost due to the wrong surgery.
  • Your hair grafts are positioned in a bad way.

What Corrective Hair Transplant Can Do/ Can’t Do



  • Correct your overdrawn hairline
  • Helps you to regain your confidence which was lost due to a bad hair transplant


  • Change the colour or texture of your hair

Before & After Real Results

What are the cases where hair transplant repair is required?

Increased density on the temples after hair transplant due to thick hair implantation gives a bushy look. This can be redesigned to give a natural appearance to the temples.

In some failed cases of hair transplantation, the hair may look less dense and the scalp may be still visible. Implanting the grafts in between can be helpful in correcting the scanty look on the scalp. This procedure needs a lot of care and skill.

Linear scars at the back of the scalp are always the result of FUT treatment and by that loose stitches or improper surgical tools can stretch the scar. In that case, hair transplantation can be done in this scar to make it less visible.

In some cases of failed hair transplant in India, the hair may look less dense and the scalp may be still visible. Implanting the grafts in between can help fix the scanty look on the scalp. This procedure needs a lot of care and skill.

Patients who had their surgeries in mid-age, tend to feel that their hairline appears unnatural and low after some years. For that issue, a corrective hair transplant can be done by extracting the follicular units and reconstructing the hairline.

Techniques used in Failed Hair Transplant Repair

Hair transplantation is the surgical method in which the surgeon takes the hair follicles from the genetically strong area and implants them into the bald area of the head. Divine Cosmetic Surgery offers a hair transplant clinic in Delhi price lower than others.

Every patient of Hair Transplant is different. What works, well for your friends may not be the right solution for your hair transplant concerns, which is why we suggest you visit our clinic.

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The risk involved in Failed Hair Transplant Repair?

The risk of a bad hair transplant in India comes when you don’t have your surgery done from a reputed place, which can lead to many severe problems. These are the common complications like,

  • Part of the donor area has already been harvested. So it is important to be careful not to over-harvest the scalp.
  • The recipient area already has some grafts. It is important to identify which of these are worth keeping, and which might need to be removed.
  • The recipient area is scarred from the first surgery. Hence blood supply might be altered. In some cases, more than one session might be needed for repair.
  • In some cases, it is not clear why the first transplant failed- there are rare instances of a dermal or hormonal, or genetic influence that affects the grafts.
  • Elasticity has been altered and this makes the procedure tougher- and the transaction rate higher.
The risk involved in Failed Hair Transplant Repair
Cost of Failed Hair Transplant Repair?

Bad hair transplant in Delhi costs a bit high. This is because unlike other solutions, this process is corrective surgery which requires more expertise. The repair of failed hair transplant in Delhi cost depends upon various factors like the patient and the quality of surgery provided by the doctor. The experience of a doctor also matters the most because it is a very crucial surgery to correct all the damages done in the earlier hair transplant. Since it is an advanced procedure aimed at achieving perfect results, the patient must expect to spend more than 1 lakh to get this procedure done. Dr. Amit Gupta is one of the best hair transplant doctors in India and he works to provide the best treatment and affordable rates.


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