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5 Important Reasons why Gynecomastia Cannot Be Treated with Medicines

Gynecomastia cannot treat

5 Important Reasons why Gynecomastia Cannot Be Treated with Medicines

A very common modern-age health issue for men is gynecomastia or male breasts. If someone is suffering from gynecomastia, it can prove to be a very embarrassing problem to deal with, especially in cases where we have to take the shirt off and reveal the bare chest and upper half of the body. Can medicine treat this common male problem? Let’s find out.

Also, gynecomastia is not talked about openly in society and is mostly considered a taboo in some societies. This is why a lot of men are looking online for information about this condition. Let’s talk about gynecomastia, its symptoms, diagnosis, side effects, and treatment. If you came here searching for male breast reduction surgery, we’ve got you covered. Let’s begin.

Basically, gynecomastia is a condition in which there is an abnormal enlargement of male breasts. It usually occurs in male teenagers and adults. Apart from being an abnormal enlargement, gynecomastia often results in embarrassment with aesthetic looks, and males usually avoid activities where you need to change clothes, such as swimming or boxing. For many, it is an opportunity to portray body aesthetics in terms of stature, patients suffering from gynecomastia are reluctant to do so – all because of male breasts.

Gynecomastia results in enlargement and swelling of the breast tissue in male boys or men. It is caused by the imbalance of hormones estrogen & testosterone and can cause either the left or right or both breasts to swell up. The best option for those looking for medical advice is to see a doctor or healthcare professional who specializes in gynecomastia, or a skin specialist with a good understanding of the condition and how to deal with it.

The disease can be caused by a number of medications, diseases, and conditions. These include antibiotics, opioids, herbs, anti-anxiety drugs or steroids. People who are dependent on certain of the medication defined above has a higher chance of contracting gynecomastia. It should be noted, however, that gynecomastia is not fatal or lethal.

The treatment of gynecomastia is something which every male suffering from the disease seeks. We usually want to enquire the medication that can be taken to combat gynecomastia and reverse the enlargement process. However, as your doctor will tell you – the most effective way to cure gynecomastia is by surgery, either with liposuction or excision. This process, however trivial, should be executed with the advice and under the supervision of a healthcare or medicals professional.

Medicine Se Kyu Nahi Hota Gynecomastia Theek, Sune Ek Patient Ki Zubani

In the surgery procedure, firstly, an incision is made surgically right below the nipple or in the inframammary fold. It is through this incision that the liposuction cannula is inserted to remove the excess fat or glandular tissue. The process is not too overly complex, especially with the high advancement of medical technology in the modern age. The surgery takes about one to two hours to finish.

Are you embarrassed about your male breast? If yes, do speak to one of our consultants to find out more details about the procedure. Not only that, male breast reduction surgery cost in India is not that expensive compared to prices for gynecomastia surgery abroad.

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