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Myths About Botox and Fillers

With botox and fillers gaining momentum as cosmetic treatments, it’s important to do away with and set the record straight on these common botox and filler misconceptions.

So, you visit a plastic surgery clinic and ironically ask for something non-surgical to balance your facial shape with your body. Because you want to attend that special event next month where the most charming and beautiful people you know will meet and greet.

After proper diagnosis, the plastic surgeon will suggest an injectable like botox or a specific filler. These non-surgical injectables have been used in surgery to treat muscle weaknesses for a long while. And the Botox and fillers treatment cost in India is quite cost-effective and worthwhile.

But the increasing popularity of cosmetic treatments has also paved the way for several myths and misconceptions. Let’s unravel the truth behind some of them:

1. Botox Is Harmful To Your Skin And Health

This myth is derived from the incomplete understanding of how the bacteria named clostridium botulinum kills people with its botulinum toxin. Several drugs and bacteria are utilized for major medical treatments in miniature amounts ensuring safety. Here too, Botox is used in absolutely small quantities in the injection prepared by a certified plastic surgeon as it helps to numb the overstimulated face muscles that cause creases.

Thus, Botox and fillers are used as muscle enhancers to smoothen the asymmetry of your face. And they don’t constrain or damage your skin but instead, loosen it to alleviate wrinkles and enhance contours.

2. The Injections Are Too Painful

One could pass this misconception as propagated by those who dread injections. But due to the extravagance of the first myth of harm & danger, the normal pinch felt by a needle is oversimplified. Although nothing could be further from the truth.

The injections for botox and fillers are quick and the needles used are thin as hair. So, the effect on the skin area being injected is the slightest with very little or no pain.

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3. You Have To Give Up Your Facial Expressions

Botox and fillers are injected to smoothen the contractions in muscles that lead to lines and wrinkles. A skilled plastic surgeon will figure out the right amount and place for injection to mitigate the problem.

And this doesn’t induce any complication in the functioning of facial expressions. You can have personalized results though by discussing with your surgeon about the extent and range of treatment you need.

4. It’s Only Used For Facial Enhancements

In reality, Botox was invented to cure neurological disorders involving various kinds of muscles in the body. Before it was used as a cosmetic treatment for facial enhancement, its most common applications were to cure chronic migraines, shoulder and neck pain, crossed eyes, extreme sweating and bladder control among others.

Due to the recent hike in celebrities using botox for their facelifts, it has gained hype for its facial treatments and uses. Even today, surgeons and doctors employ it in other treatments and procedures as required.

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5. Botox and Fillers Are The Same

In practice, both are used in tandem for a complete facelift treatment for the best results. Yet, technically their functions are different. Botox is used to smoothen the lines, creases, and wrinkles on one’s face due to aging or otherwise. Its primary job is to release the contraction and rigidity in the facial muscles.

On the other hand, dermal fillers as the name itself suggests are used to saturate certain hollow areas such as eye troughs or crow feet. They compliment each other yet work in solely distinct ways.

6. Stop Using It and It’ll worsen

It’s a delusion that once you use botox and fillers, you’ve to keep using it forever. Or, your face will get saggy and worse than it was before you used it.

The truth is once you stop using it, your face will get back to its default, as it was before using botox and fillers. It won’t get worse than that. No side effects, nothing. Most people continue the treatment as it allows them to look their best for longer.

Botox and fillers are medically approved muscle enhancers used for cosmetics and many other medical purposes. If you are a self-aware person who could use some help through a facelift, think no more. Also, botox and fillers treatment cost in India is favorable than ever before.

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