Liposuction Surgery in India

Before undergoing liposuction surgery, take care of

Do you feel that your body shape isn’t improving in spite of regular exercise and dieting? Even after following an exhaustive workout regimen for months, do you only see a marginal difference in fat in your body? Liposuction surgery might help you.’


Every person’s physique is unique and requires different kinds of external help for refinement. Also, various factors and experiences throughout your life leave behind specific effects on your body. For some, those effects are temporary which planned nutrition and exercise can help to modify. For others, we have a solution. And the liposuction surgery cost in Delhi is budget-friendly and worthwhile.

After decades of transformations and technological advances in cosmetic surgery, liposuction is the ideal solution for such cases. It involves incision and removal of fat by a skilled plastic surgeon. This fat is rather unaffected by changes in diet and physical exercise. Because this fat resides just below the outer skin layer, it’s removable only through surgery.

Yet liposuction is a specialized cosmetic surgery mastered by a few plastic surgeons a decade or two ago. And so you need to be sure about a few things for the best results for your body.

Here are a few things to remember that’ll help you sail through smoothly:

Thoroughly Establish If It’s Right For You

Liposuction is not a substitute for regular exercise and a balanced diet. It is not a miracle weight-loss solution. Having said that, you will have the desired results with liposuction surgery if you are already at optimum body weight.

It is a cosmetic treatment to help you get rid of that little extra fat ‘stuck’ in some areas of your body. By removing those fat cells, you will have a better body shape and aesthetic. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, “Adults within 30% of their ideal weight who have firm, elastic skin, and good muscle tone” are good candidates for liposuction surgery. If you maintain a healthy lifestyle but struggle with a poor body shape that costs your appearance and looks, liposuction is for you.

Make Sure The Surgeon Is Certified And Experienced

Liposuction, like every other cosmetic surgery, requires a specific skill-set and experience that only a few possess. And the role of the plastic surgeon extends from pre-surgical body diagnosis to post-surgery relief along with results that match the patient’s expectations.

This is why doing proper research and finding a board-certified plastic surgeon who has specialized experience in liposuction is key for successful results. It’s also crucial to figure out your goals and expectations from this surgery and see if your surgeon can get you the results you want. Go a step further to see if their previous patients had similar concerns. Check their after-surgery photos and see if they align with your desired looks.

Understand The Pre And Post-Surgery Fundamentals

For a successful surgery, you need to be aware of certain precautions, do’s & don’ts, and any specific briefing by the surgeon. These aren’t too complicated yet important enough to keep in mind:

● Generally, the basic instruction pre-surgery is to stop eating 12 hours before the surgery. The surgeon will also inform you about avoiding certain foods and drinks, smoking, pain-killing drugs, herbal medicines, etc. They might affect the skin tissue or cause bleeding during surgery.

● For additional safety, an experienced surgeon will conduct a few lab tests and medical examinations to evaluate the whole spectrum of effects your body may experience during and after the surgery. Based on this, he/she will suggest a few medications to help you successfully cope with the whole process.

Equally and more important are the post-surgery instructions to ensure that the operated area heals completely. Some of the major stipulations to strictly follow are:

● Regular consumption of antibiotics to avoid infection
● Wearing compression clothes to let the incised area recover
● A peculiar dietary regimen to heal faster.
● The surgeon may provide some other additional instructions and advice to help you get back to your routine at a smooth pace.

Taking care of the above basics and liposuction surgery by a skilled cosmetic surgeon will get you the desired results and aesthetics.

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