Benefits of FUT Hair Transplant

Benefits of FUT Hair Transplant


Just like good health and youth, most of us take our beautiful hair for granted. This stands to be true until our hair is gone. Men and women both suffer from excessive hair loss or balding. And if you also suffer from this problem, then you know how difficult it is to get your hair back.

There are people who try hundreds of different ways to get their hair back and nothing seems to work until they stumble across a hair transplant. Dr. Amit Gupta at Divine Cosmetic Surgery has been performing hair transplants for over two decades now.

Since then, there have been many advancements made in hair transplants in regards to technique, technology, and science. But the one thing that has been constant is Dr. Amit Gupta’s zeal of providing patients with the best treatments.

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a plastic surgery procedure in which donor hairs are taken from the patient’s body and transplanted into the desired area of the body. Patients have been getting hair transplants done since the 1950s but the techniques have changed a lot in recent years.

The most popular techniques for performing hair transplants are:

Usually, experts claim FUE to be a better hair transplant technique. They say that FUT causes several issues like:

  • Painful
  • Scar
  • Stitches
  • Pulling of facial and neck skin

However, Dr. Amit Gupta has a rather controversial opinion on this. He says that these are all myths. He also wants to change the perception of the FUT technique and what benefits it provides to patients.

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The 8 Benefits of Doing FUT Hair Transplant

There are several benefits of getting a FUT hair transplant. Dr. Amit Gupta himself asks his patients to also consider getting a FUT hair transplant and he does this because of the following reasons.

Permanent Zone

The permanent zone is a testosterone-resistant area that is used while collecting the donor hair during the FUT hair transplant. If a hair transplant is done using hair from this area, then the transplanted hair will never fall off.

2,000 Vs. 3,000 Grafts

If FUE is done on the permanent zone, then a doctor cannot get more than 2,000 to 2,200 hair grafts. To get more hair, the doctor will need to go to other body areas for collecting donor hair. But in FUT, the doctor can get more than 3,000 grafts from the permanent zone itself. This is why FUE should not be done in hair transplants that require a larger number of grafts. This will also ensure that the FUT results are maintained even after decades of getting the hair transplant.

Benefits of Fut hair transplant in Delhi

No Testosterone Blockers

Finasteride is a testosterone blocker that people with FUE hair transplants have to take for the rest of their lives. But this is not logical as the permanent zone is not affected by testosterone at all. This is why people who get FUT hair transplants don’t ever need to take medications like finasteride.

The View about Scars

Patients sometimes are far too worried about scars in FUT hair transplants. This is often because they hear a lot of myths about the horrible scars that FUT tends to leave behind. But if you really look at the sources of these myths, then you will see it is mainly said by people who are not qualified plastic surgeons.

FUE is taken from all donor zones. This means that there are scars in the shape of a dot. On the other hand, the single line scar in FUT, which is hidden with Scalp Micropigmentation, is actually quite less as the hair follicles grow even from the closure of the scar itself. This means that the FUT scar is virtually invisible.

Preservation of Donor Site

In the case of a FUT hair transplant, doctors never worry about the preservation of donor sites. This is because the combination of FUE and FUT for donor hair extraction ensures that the density of the donor area is maintained.

Presence of Future Treatment Options

If a patient has gotten FUE done early in life and needs further treatment down the line, then he or she will not be able to get another good treatment. Instead, if a patient has gotten FUT, then the presence of a future treatment option is always available.

Hair Longevity

In the case of a FUT hair transplant, the transplanted hair does not fall off. This is not the case in FUE, in which 30%-40% of hair follicles fall off.

Long Hair Transplant

A long hair transplant is a FUT procedure that patients can only get when they are open to getting a FUT procedure done. Long hair transplant gets amazing results as soon as the third day after getting the treatment done!

We hope now you can finally say goodbye to these myths and accept the benefits that FUT truly presents to its patients.

8 Benefits of Doing FUT Hair Transplant

Benefits of  FUT Hair Transplant

Why Get FUT Hair Transplant from Dr. Amit Gupta at Divine Cosmetic Surgery?

Dr. Amit Gupta is the founder, director, and head surgeon at Divine Cosmetic Surgery. He is India’s most trusted plastic surgeon. He has been working extremely hard to make sure that his patients always get the best possible treatments.

From ensuring that Divine Cosmetic Surgery has the best team of medical experts to going the extra length to provide patients with high-quality post-surgery care, Dr. Amit Gupta does everything. If you want to know how he can help you get your hair back, then book a consultation with him today.

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