Natural Hair Transplant

Synthetic vs Normal Hair Transplant

A huge part of a person’s personality is how his/her hair looks to the world. Bald spots or thinning hair usually end up being very problematic for any individual. There are, however, many effective and results-oriented procedures available in the market. Hair transplant is nothing short of a wonder – let’s go deeper into the elusive world of hair transplants and hair implants, and their comparison.

The ideal type of customer or patient looking to get a hair transplant is usually fed up with hair thinning or hair fall. To most, the face is the ‘index of mind’. Facing the world and going into public with baldness or damaged hair has the potential to reduce a person’s self-esteem and confidence, not to mention that it makes the patient look much older than he really is. Standing in front of a mirror and examining his/her personality, can force anyone to take drastic action to find the remedy to the problem.

Synthetic hair transplant, or artificial hair transplant, is a procedure that makes use of various hair implant devices to produce thicker & denser results. In this procedure, natural-looking hair is implanted into the scalp by matching the actual hair on the bald top. The artificial hair can be available in Italy (MEDICAP or Bio-Fibre) or from Japan (NIDO). They are certified by the best hair transplant surgeon offering top-notch quality and modest prices. Different colors, shades, and lengths may vary depending on the host’s hair appearance and aesthetics.

Natural hair transplant or implant is a method that is used to treat bald spots or thinning hair by performing a cosmetic hair procedure that extracts hair from a donor and then transplants it onto the bad area of the patient. Using this, the hairline can be easily restored.

Results from a synthetic hair transplant are almost instant and quick, unlike a natural hair transplant – which asks the patient to wait for the results over time. However, synthetic hair transplants are, unfortunately, not permanent and hair loss will occur over time. Not just that, synthetic hair transplant requires care, cleaning, and regular maintenance with various specialized shampoos and other treatments.

The results of having a hair transplant look absolutely stunning. Not just that, many people often search for hair transplants performed on celebrities, such as Salman Khan’s high-density hair transplant that looks quite natural on various media. Getting a synthetic hair transplant could make your hair stand out from the rest of the crowd. If you want results just like your favorite celebrities, contact our hair transplant clinic for further details and a free personal hair evaluation.

Most people are very grateful to get a hair transplant done and never regret their decision to spend the money or put the effort into getting the procedure done. Who wouldn’t want their hair looking stylish and full of life? It is something that naturally boosts self-confidence and raises the self-esteem of the individual. Not to mention, having thick and dense hair enables the person to make any style and get unique hairstyles.

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