4 Reasons Why Females Should Consider Hair Transplant?

  • Ladies who have THINNING of hair.
  • Ladies who want to bring their hairline down, or increase the density of the hair line.
  • Women who have a distinct pattern of baldness, similar to that of male pattern baldnesss.
  • Women who suffer hair loss due to any kind of trauma, including burn victims, scarring from accidents.

A hair transplant can help to resolve your issues. Dr. Amit Gupta is a renowned Plastic surgeon who has performed 6500+ hair Transplant procedures at his clinic Divine Cosmetic Surgery.

Female hair transplant

Understanding Female Hair Transplant

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    Why Hair Transplant is done in Females?

    As we know scalp hair is vital to both genders. Going bald is very traumatizing for ladies since it is a mark of women’s magnificence and maybe hair is for assisting ladies with accomplishing their objectives. A Hair Transplant for Women in Delhi isn’t different from that of men. It is a procedure where the hair is extracted from the donor area and implanted into the small incisions made in the recipient area on the scalp. There are also two techniques used for this procedure  i.e. FUT (follicular unit transplant) and FUE (follicular unit extraction). The hair transplant technique is selected depending on the type of hair loss that a woman is affected by. 

    • The reasons for considering hair transplant in women are some of the types of hair loss in women like; Female pattern baldness, Traction Alopecia, Scarring Alopecia, etc.
    • If you are suffering from bald patches in your head.
    • You feel ashamed of going out in public
    • Your confidence is declining day by day.
    What Female Hair Transplant Can Do/ Can’t Do


    • Make you attractive and good-looking
    •  Stop your baldness
    •  Correct your receding hairline
    • Give you guaranteed results


    • Large bald areas cannot be transplanted to full coverage
    • Change the way of your hair
    • Does not stop continued hair thinning and hair loss 
    • Treat people who have just gone through some serious illness
    Before & After Real Results
    Techniques of Hair Transplant

    Hair transplantation is the surgical method in which the surgeon takes the hair follicles from the genetically strong area and implants them into the bald area of the head. Divine Cosmetic Surgery offers a hair transplant clinic in Delhi price lower than others.

    Every patient of Hair Transplant is different. What works, well for your friends may not be the right solution for your hair transplant concerns, which is why we suggest you visit our clinic.

    Dr Amit Gupta

    Super Specialist Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon
    Years Of Experience
    Hair Transplants Done
    International Affiliation
    • Dr. Gupta is today India’s most trusted Plastic Surgeon
    • Awarded Lt. Governor’s Trophy – for Best All Round Medical Graduate(2000)
    • An expert in 4D body contouring, Breast Cosmetic Surgery procedures, particularly breast implant surgery.
    • Dr. Gupta has the largest experience with VASER procedures in North India
    The perfect treatment for Hair Fall in Men starts with most accurate diagnosis

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