Body Contouring in India

What is Body Contouring Surgery in India?

If you are wondering if body contouring really works or not, then you should stick around as this article was made just for you. Also, spoiler alert, body contouring definitely works and you might want to learn about the best surgeon of body contouring surgery in India and the cost too!

Body contouring is also known as body sculpting. This is a surgical procedure that aims to reshape different areas of the body using the Latest surgical Technologies such as vaser. Some primary concerns that might be addressed during a body sculpting procedure are:

  • Getting rid of extra skin
  • Eliminating extra fat
  • Contouring or reshaping different areas of the body

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Why Should I Opt for Body Contouring?

Patients from all across the globe usually opt for body contouring to lose weight. It helps them reshape their body and address specific areas of their body where weight loss might not be that effective or where extra skin might be present.

Most patients choose body contouring to look attractive, feel thinner, and attain a certain shape. It’s usually performed on areas of the body where diet and exercise might not really be making a difference.

Body contouring can also help a woman look young. It also improves the appearance of loose, saggy, or wrinkled skin which usually occurs with natural aging. It should be noted that body contouring can target almost all areas of the body. And some of those areas of the body are:

  • Arms
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Belly
  • Flanks
  • Thighs
  • Neck
  • Chin

Understanding the Body Contouring Procedure

The first step is scheduling a consultation with your cosmetic surgeon. Make sure that you discuss your surgery goals, your medical history, medications that you might be taking, and the use of alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs with your plastic surgeon.

During the first consultation, your healthcare professional might also examine and measure the areas of your body that you want to reshape. There would also be a discussion on whether you are the candidate for the procedure or not. If not, then further options will be discussed.

Once all of this is done, then your healthcare professional would provide you with certain instructions in terms of what you should or should not do before the surgery. For example, you might have to get a blood test. You would be asked to stop smoking and taking certain medications.

After all of this is done, the next step is to perform the actual body contouring procedure. Patients should remember that the details of a body contouring procedure can vary from one patient to another.

This means that body contouring is a highly customized procedure and you must share any and all concerns that you might have about it with your plastic surgeon before beginning. The duration of the surgery can vary from 45 minutes to several hours. The exact duration depends on the exact steps involved in the procedure.

Once the body contouring surgery is done, then the next major step is recovering from it. Most people are able to go back home the same day after the surgery. However, it is advised that you should have someone drive you home and stay with you the first night of getting the surgery.

Your plastic surgeon will provide you with the exact recovery instructions that you will have to follow. And some of those recovery instructions are:

  • Changing the bandages
  • Ensuring that the patient gets proper rest
  • Reporting any complications that might arise at a later stage
  • Using medications to control any pain experienced and prevent an infection

Is Body Contouring Permanent?

Yes, with the right diet and exercise regime the results of a body contouring procedure are permanent.

Is Body Contouring Surgery Safe?

Absolutely! A body contouring surgery is completely safe granted that you get it from a qualified, skilled, and experienced plastic surgeon.

Does Body Contouring Leave Scars?

Body contouring is a surgical procedure, which means that there will be some scars involved. However, we at Divine Cosmetic Surgery have over a decade of experience in ensuring that these scars are no larger than a pencil line.

What is Body Contouring Surgery Cost in India?

As stated before, the cost of a body contouring procedure can drastically vary depending on the exact details of the procedure and the different areas that one wants to get operated on. This is why it is best that a patient directly contacts his or her plastic surgeon to learn more about this cost. This will ensure that the patient has good clarity on the cost of the procedure.

Why Should You Get Body Contouring at Divine Cosmetic Surgery?

We at Divine Cosmetic Surgery are proud of the fact that we are India’s most trusted cosmetic surgery center. We have some of the best medical professionals (best surgeons of body contouring) in our team and we always go above and beyond for our patients.

Apart from all this, we at Divine Cosmetic Surgery have set a very high standard of results for all of our patients. This is why we are constantly working hard to ensure that our patients get the best possible results every single time!

So, what are you waiting for? If you want amazing body contouring results, then schedule your first consultation with us right now!

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