Thigh liposuction recovery time

Recovery time after liposuction on thighs

Getting that ideal body shape is not easy. There is a lot of hard work that you might be required to put in to get into a good body shape. And even after that, there is no guarantee that it would still work out. This is why for a lot of women and men, a good option is to get liposuction done.

And if you are planning to get liposuction done, then there are some things that you should know and consider before getting the procedure. This includes learning about the recovery time that a patient might have to go through after liposuction. Today, we’ll take up this exact topic and take a closer look at the recovery time after liposuction on thighs.

What is the Recovery Time After Thigh Liposuction?

It takes roughly seven to fourteen days to recover from thigh liposuction. It should be noted that this is only a rough estimate and this estimate can further depend on the amount of fat that has been removed. The technique used to perform liposuction also plays a significant role in deciding the recovery time after the cosmetic surgery.

What Does Being Fully Recovered Look Like?

At Divine Cosmetic Surgery, a lot of patients often ask us as to what it looks like to be fully recovered. To arrive at an answer to this question, patients should remember that it can take around 2 to 3 weeks to completely recover from thigh liposuction.

Complete recovery is determined by the appearance of the thighs. This is only seen during follow-up appointments with a cosmetic surgeon. This means that if all goes well and you get thigh liposuction done from a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon, then you would be able to completely enjoy the results of your liposuction within a month of your procedure!

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Learning More about Thigh Liposuction

Till now we have talked about what it looks like to recover from thigh liposuction. Let’s now take a closer look at what is thigh liposuction and how is this cosmetic surgery performed.

Thigh liposuction is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that is performed to remove any extra and stubborn fat that is present on the inner and outer thighs of an individual. This procedure is often the last step in the weight loss journey of many individuals. Because of this, if one maintains a healthy diet and good exercise regime, then they would be able to maintain the results of thigh liposuction for a long time to come.

How to perform thigh liposuction?

The entire thigh liposuction surgery procedure can be divided into a few key steps. These key steps are mentioned below.

  • Step One: Anesthesia

Before the surgical procedure, the first step is to administer general anesthesia to sedate the patient for the entire duration of the procedure. If general anesthesia has been used, then the patient will not be able to drive himself or herself home. So, appropriate measures should be taken in that case.

  • Step Two: Incisions

The second step of the surgery is to perform a series of small incisions. These incisions are often shorter than one inch and are placed at specific areas of the thighs. The incision areas are marked with a marker before to help plan out the surgery.

  • Step Three: Liposuction

This is the main step of the surgery. Depending on your medical history and the type of results you wish to achieve, your cosmetic surgeon will decide on a liposuction technique that would be performed. This technique would be carried out in this step to remove the extra fat from your thighs.

  • Step Four: Closing

After the fat has been removed, then the final step is to close the incisions. Incisions can be closed by carrying out a number of different methods, including sutures and surgical glue. Your cosmetic surgeon will decide what method is most suitable for you.

Through thigh liposuction, patients can get both their inner and outer thighs treated. This is one of the most common types of liposuctions that are performed all across the world every single year!

Instructions for Effective Recovery

After liposuction has been performed, then your cosmetic surgeon might give you various instructions as to what you need to do for effective recovery from thigh liposuction. You should ensure that you are following all of these instructions. This will make sure that you get the most possible results from your surgery.

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