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You Want Breast Augmentation Surgery: 4 Things You Need To Know?

One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation is meant for those who wish to enhance their breast shape or size. But this isn’t a small deal and warrants you to know as many things as you can about the procedure.

Breast augmentation surgeries are common. But so are misconceptions and misinformation about the surgery and what it entails. Here are 4 important things to know before you decide to go for breast augmentation surgery.

What is Breast Augmentation?

A breast augmentation procedure or augmentation mammoplasty refers to a surgical procedure that is meant to enhance, enlarge or change the shape or size of a breast. It usually involves the placement of saline breasts or silicone implants. It can be done for a variety of reasons whether it’s to increase breast size, restore breast fullness or correct breast asymmetry.

What Does Breast Augmentation Surgery Do?

Breast augmentation surgery can:

•Enlarge or enhance the contours of naturally small breasts
•Improve or correct asymmetry for disproportionate breasts
•Restore size, shape and breast volume that is lost after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss
•Rectify impaired or injured breasts

For a lot of women, breast augmentation can be tied to self-esteem, body image and confidence. Whether corrective or cosmetic, the surgery improves the general breast profile of a woman, thus paving the way for a better body image.

What is The Difference Between Breast Implants And Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation and breast implants are two different things. The former refers to the surgical procedure that involves the use of breast implants for correcting or enhancing the shape or size of a woman’s breast.

Breast implants pertain to a medical prosthesis that is placed behind the breast tissue to enhance, reconstruct or rectify the breast shape or size. There are three major types of breast implants:

i.  Silicone implants: Silicone gel-filled silicone cones

ii. Saline implants: Implants filled with sterile saline solution. The amount of solution can vary depending on the shape and size desired.

iii. Alternative composite implants: Implants filled with soy oil or polypropylene string or other material. These are no longer used breast augmentation refers to the procedures also which can increase the size of the breast, including fat injection, use of fillers or saline for temporary breast enhancement.

 How to Choose the Right Surgeon for Breast Augmentation Surgery in India?

Choosing the right surgeon for breast augmentation surgery is often the more important and daunting decision than getting the surgery itself. Who performs your procedure goes a long way in determining the efficacy of the results achieved after the procedure.

With the increase in the number of surgeons performing breast augmentation surgery (due to the rise in the number of people wanting to have the surgery), it’s difficult to decide which surgeon or facility to choose.

So, how do you choose?

Check for your surgeon’s credentials. Don’t shy away from asking questions about your surgeon’s credentials directly. Choose one who is licensed to perform the surgery.
Ensure your surgeon has extensive experience with and professional training your area of concern apart from experience with breast augmentation surgeries in general.
Make sure your surgeon complies with a stringent code of ethics. This adds to the surgeon’s credibility and makes you feel safe about the procedure.
Check out the facility where your surgery will be performed. Does it have the adequate infrastructure? Is it technologically well-equipped and well-maintained?
Is the staff approachable, friendly and informed? How responsive and attentive is the staff? Is there anything about the staff, facility, or the surgeon that makes you feel uncomfortable?
Reach out to friends and acquaintances who have gotten breast augmentation surgeries before. There’s nothing better than referrals.

Another crucial thing to keep in mind is how the surgeon, facility, and staff treat you once the surgery is done. They should provide you with information on the following things to help you with recovery and ensure it is smooth:

• Steps to take care of your breasts after the procedure
• A guide to using the medicines prescribed
• Number of follow-ups

Why Choose Divine Cosmetic Surgery?

Here, you’re introduced to the best breast augmentation surgeons in India. Our surgeon: Dr. Amit Gupta performs breast implant surgery in less than 30 minutes which ensures that the patient gets an early discharge and is able to resume her activities as soon as the next day and all exertion GYM activity also in as soon as 7 days.

He is well experienced in scarless breast augmentation and all our patients highly recommend as for the excellent follow-up that they receive at our center.

• Are certified and experienced
• Guide you thoroughly throughout the procedure
• Are professionals with the right human touch and will always prioritize your comfort

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