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What are Breast Reduction Surgery Risks, Procedures, and Results in India?

Breast Reduction Surgery Procedures and Risks – In breast reduction surgery, large breast size in women can be quite problematic and linked with certain health issues like difficulty in sleeping, get fitting fit into bras and normal clothes, hesitation due to physical appearance, permanent bra strap pressure on shoulders that form deep grooves, skin rashes under the breasts, restricted activities performance, and pain in shoulders.

To resolve the above issues, breast reduction surgery is performed in women who have large breasts.

Women usually have lots of queries regarding what is the right time to undergo surgery, what are the risks involved, how fruitful are the results, etc. In this blog, I have tried my best to encapsulate the answers to common queries.

Breast Reduction Surgery in India

According to the doctors, you can undergo breast reduction surgery in India at any age (teenage or adulthood) but it’s better recommended after the full development of the breast. Other than this, surgery complications can be avoided if it is performed post-pregnancy (as changes occur in the breast tissues during lactation).

Risks involved in Breast Reduction Surgery

Similar to other surgeries, there are risks like allergies, bleeding, and other adverse effects like:

  • Distinct size on both sides
  • Difficulties in breastfeeding
  • Scarring
  • Numbness in and around the nipples

Although you see positive results post-surgery, it might take months to completely bring down the swelling and fading of the scars.

Procedure Followed in Mammoplasty Reduction

During the pre-surgery procedure, the doctor would perform certain checkups and examinations.

  • The medical history background check
  • Discussion about your result expectations.
  • Discussion about the risks involved, recovery time, and results.
  • Measure the breast size
  • Examine the type of anesthesia required
  • Perform certain lab tests
  • Undergo baseline Mammogram

The patient needs to cut off from drugs, smoking, and certain medications (as prescribed by the doctor).

For different patients, breast surgery techniques may vary.

  • In some, an incision is drafted around the areola and under the breast to remove the extra breast tissues, fat, and skin.
  • While in others (who have droopy breasts), the nipple and areola both are removed and then reattached as a skin graft at a higher position.

After Breast Reduction Safety and care:

Due care is mandatory post-surgery to avoid spreading of infection, swelling, excessive bleeding, and scarring. For safety reasons, we have to follow the below-mentioned precautions.

  • Regular intake of medications and antibiotics to avoid the spread of infection
  • Place a drainage tube under the arms to drain the excess fluid & blood
  • Cover your treated site with gauze bandage and dressing.
  • Wear compression cloth to avoid swelling
  • Limit physical activities for a month
  • Take follow-up visits

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