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What is a Mommy Makeover ?

In today’s times, everyone wants to look petite. After pregnancy, the body goes through a lot of changes, hormonal and physical. The physical changes are the ones that affect the psyche of the new mothers. Loose and sagging skin, the weight gains, etc. are not easy to shed and often come as a hindrance to going back to work or their life they led before having a baby. Hence, mommy makeover.

Mommy makeover is a name given to a collection of surgeries that cater to all the areas from where a mother loses her tone. The most significant and common areas for surgery are on the breast and abdomen. Thighs and the buttocks are another target area where the sagging skin is tightened with most regimented diet and exercise plans.

A woman who has finished having children does not smoke and has realistic expectations from the surgery are the perfect candidates for a mommy makeover.

The candidate needs to be ready for numerous questions which include having any medical conditions or drug allergies, undergone and previous surgeries, under any current medication, consuming and alcohol, tobacco or another recreational drug, expected the outcome of the surgery, etc. It is extremely necessary for the surgeon to understand every detail of the patient before the surgery commences.

Few must do’s before getting a mommy makeover are attaining the desired weight before the surgery, having a healthy diet which contains vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants, quit smoking and minimize drinking to 2-3 times a week, prepare your house for the post-recovery time, prepare a no-fall support system as dictated by the surgeon. The recovery period would be intense in the first week. The tummy tuck procedure of the mommy makeover surgery is the most uncomfortable for the first two days. The full recovery would be only after six weeks although the patient can move around slowly from the day after the surgery. No heavyweight picking would be allowed, like the baby/child cannot be lifted till recovery. The good part of the mommy makeover is that the number of surgery does not increase the surgery time. So breast augmentation takes seven days, and tummy tuck takes ten to fourteen days. So the combined recovery time would be ten to fourteen days.

Before anything, it is the patient’s responsibility to pick the right and the best doctor. It is extremely important to find a surgeon who has the right education and degrees to carry out these surgeries. Experience is another factor. The patient has the right to ask for previous surgery pictures performed by the surgeons.

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