What is Breast Augmentation(Enlargement)?

Breast enhancement surgery in Delhi is a 19-35 minutes procedure designed to increase the breast shape and size to add fullness that enhances the overall appearance of a woman. The surgery is done by a board-certified plastic surgeon by placing silicone implants in the subfascial space behind the breast tissue. These implants are soft, guaranteed for life and give a natural look and feel to the breasts. Choose Divine Cosmetic Surgery for the best breast enlargement with implant in Delhi.

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    Different Types of Breast Implants

    Silicone Breast Implants

    Silicone Round Implants

    Pre-filled with soft silicone gel, Silicone round breast implants are the most commonly used breast implants around the world. They are most aesthetic & convenient to use
    Motiva Ergonomix Silicone Implant

    Motiva Ergonomix Silicone Implant

    Has Progressive Gel Ultima to adapt to follow movements. Most natural and comfortable look and feel. Projection moves as per the position of the patient
    ``Gummy Bear`` Silicone Implants

    ``Gummy Bear`` Silicone Implants

    More appropriate for post cancer breast reconstruction. Not used widely for cosmetic breast enhancement. Most expensive and difficult to use. Also called anatomical implants

    Saline Breast Implants

    Not used in India. Cause ripple effect. Not a very natural feel

    Ultra High Profile – Highest protection and highest volume for any base diameter. Looks slightly unnatural in some patients. Ideal for women wanting to go very big.

    High Profile – Most natural shape and ideal for >80% patients.

    Moderate Profile – Women who don’t want a large projection. 

    Low Profile – Rarely used, hardly give any projection at all. 

    type of implant according to projection


    The smooth surface allows easy movement of the implant, ensuring a natural result

    Micro and nano textured

    Micro & Nano Textured

    Softness with good memory properties


    Macro Textured

    Have been mostly withdrawn from the market due to fear of ALCL

    Different location of the implants in the breast

    Subfascial approach

    • Implant is placed above the muscle
    • But below the pectoralis fascia   
    • Implant projection is high   
    • Not much palpable   
    • Done in latin America   


    • Above muscle
    • Below breast
    • Maximum projection
    • Implant may be felt 
    • Highest capsular contracture


    • Below muscle
    • Most painful
    • Least projection
    • Lower capsular
    • Contracture
    implants in the breast (1)

    What are the qualities of the implants we use now

    Give Life Time Property



    Do Not Cause Cancer

    Can Breast Feed

    Natural Feel

    How to Prepare for Breast Augmentation?

    When you are going for Breast Augmentation, the first step should be to search for a renowned doctor and consult whether you are eligible for breast implants or not. And if you are eligible then the doctor will give you the pre-operative instruction for your surgery. You need to stop smoking or consumption of alcohol form at least four weeks before the surgery. Stop taking medications that contain blood thinners, at least two weeks before the surgery. Every patient is different. That’s why the consultation is a must. For breast enlargement doctors in Delhi, you can contact dr. Amit Gupta does breast augmentation surgery in Delhi and Gurgaon.

    Success Story

    What Breast Augmentation Can Do/ Can’t Do


    • Lift your sagging breast
    • Gives fuller look
    • Provides symmetrical breast


    • Cause cancer
    • Remain forever
    • Affect your chances of breastfeeding
    What To Expect From Breast Implant/Enlargement Surgery?

    Before the surgery, you should talk with your specialist about their experience, like certificates, and whether the office is licensed. Then you also have to take care of the budget because implants are quite pricey treatment and that requires savings. For breast implant surgery in Delhi, you need to take care of Breast implant cost in Delhi. The breast augmentation surgery cost in Delhi depends upon the experience and quality provided by the doctor. After that, you have to follow pre-operative procedures like avoiding blood thinner medicines, alcohol, and smoking before the surgery. Wear normal clothes before the surgery for easy operation. Do not eat any food and take any drink 8 hours before the surgery.

    Before the surgery, a medical evaluation is taken by the surgeon and you’ll be asked a few questions about your medical history that makes you fit for the surgery and reduce any complications.

    Breast implant surgery takes 45 minutes in a breast enlargement clinic in Delhi. Before the surgery, the patient is given local anesthesia that makes her feel numb during the operation. We discharge the patient on the same day within 2-3 hours after the surgery. The patient can do normal activities after 2-3 days with the instructions of the surgeon.

    During the recovery period, the patient should work as per the recommendation of the surgeon. If you follow the instructions given by your surgeon then there may be a chance to recover fast. Dr. Amit Gupta instructs his patients to avoid abdominal exercise, aerobic exercise, and any other upper body exercise for at least 7 days after the surgery. Patients should avoid any upper body movement during the recovery period.

    Also called Breast Augmentation. Involves placement of implants through inframammary incision. Can be combined with other procedures , such as arms, thighs, face  etc.

    • Anesthesia – General anesthesia
    • Duration: 30 – 45 Minutes
    • Technique: subfacial

    What is done ?

    • Marking of the  breast  to define breast boundaries
    • Skin incision
    • Dissection in the sub-facial plane is made
    • Implant insertion
    • Matching symmetry
    • Skin closure with dissolvable sutures
    • Other body parts treated as planned
    • Stiches – dissolvable
    • Incisions – inframammary  (hardly visible)
    • Recovery from anesthesia -,  GA – 45 minutes to an hour
    • Observation time – 1-2 hours
    • Liquids / food starts – in 2 to 3 hours
    • Hospital stay – day care
    • Drain – no
    • Pressure garment – wear sports bra from next day for 3 weeks


    • 2nd day – walking, bathing, gentle walking
    • 3rd day  – malls, office
    • 5th day – review
    • 7th day –  excercise, gentle sports,  biking, driving
    • Sexual activity – can start in 7 days, breast manipulation in 3 weeks

    Body shape – Lot of swelling for 3 to 6 weeks, 3 weeks an initial look of the result starts to appear, final shape  and breast softness can take 3-6 months

    Potential Problems 

    • Seromas – heal with pressure and massage
    • Hematoma – rarely need drainage
    • Stich line, taking longer than normal to heal – heals in 3 to 4 weeks
    • Bad scarring – individual – use silicone sheet over the stiches after a week to achieve better result

    Transformation Journey

    Recovery After Breast Augmentation?

    You will feel some soreness for about 5-7 days after the breast augmentation, and you may also feel some dizziness and swelling too, but this all normal after the surgery there is no such issue regarding this. The doctor recommends the patients who have just gone through surgery to rest for about 2 days and take things lightly. Take pain killers and avoid taking tea and coffee because it creates gastritis. You also have to stop eating heavy food for days. Remain the area covered with compressive bandages to avoid breeding or any infections, the doctor will remove the bandage and give you further instructions regarding your recovery

    breast augmentation surgeon in delhi
    Risk involved in Breast Augmentation?

    If you are having your surgery from a renowned doctor then you don’t need to worry regarding your surgery but there are some possible risks involved in breast augmentation. The risks to scar tissue that distorts the shape of the breast implant and breast pain. Sometimes after the surgery, the position of the implant changes. The implant leaks or gets cracked because of the wrong surgery. That is why we recommend getting your surgery done with a specialist to avoid such complications.

    Risk-involved in breast augmentation
    Cost of Breast Augmentation treatment?

    Breast implant surgery cost in Delhi depends on location as per your convenience, the best clinic located, the choice of the surgeon, and many others. In Divine Cosmetic Surgery, we provide the treatment at very reasonable rates. The cost starts from Rs.150000 that depends on the desired size and shape of the patient. Visit our center or contact us for further inquiries like breast augmentation cost in Delhi. We are more than happy to help our patients at any cost.

    FAQ’s For Breast Implants

    There is never a time for a woman to consider breast implantation. A  woman  can have breast implant whenever she wants, even if she was giving childbirth. Breast augmentation will be unlikely to change the ability to breastfeed a baby. However, there is a slight risk that sensation could decrease following augmentation and may possibly interfere with the reflexes required for breastfeeding.

    Breast implants may interfere with mammography readings in some patients, primarily those that have implants that are placed sub-glandular. However, this obstruction is greatly reduced with sub-muscular implants. This is a very important issue for a woman with a strong family history of breast cancer.

    Recovery time for breast augmentation varies considerably, however, most of the patients return to their normal activities 48 to 72 hours after surgery.

    Breast implants do not need to be replaced after 10 years or any other specific time period. Although the exact source of this statement is uncertain, this is a myth possibly related to the fact that some models of older implants carried warranties which lasted only 10 years.


    What is Keller's Funnel?

    The Keller Funnel is a medical device allowing the surgeon to place the implant into breast pocket. With more ease and  lesser friction.it has a flexible, clear polymeric film which becomes very slippery when wetted with a saline solution.

    How is it beneficial to patients

    • Shorter incision
    • Patient is more  comfortable in post surgery state
    • Faster healing times 
    • No-touch technique minimizes potential infection rates
    • Less trauma to the tissue of the breast

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