How To Get The Best Breast Cleavage or Breast Cleavage creation

Patients who want to opt for a breast implant are not just looking for an increase in the size of their breasts but they also want an increase in the size of the cleavage. This is one of the reasons why when discussing breast augmentation patients should also consider how to get the best breast cleavage.

This means that patients and plastic surgeons should discuss the volume, cup size, types, and size of implants. One should also discuss different ways to get breast cleavage or ways to get boob cleavage to achieve aesthetic results after a breast augmentation.

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How Does A Plastic Surgeon Create Cleavage?

Before opting for a breast augmentation, during the initial consultation, your plastic surgeon will consider factors like the distance between the breasts, skin tightness or laxity, and the amount of breast tissue that the patient has. This is done to ensure that the plastic surgeon can help you select the best cup size and breast implant size.

Depending on the measurements and the overall tissue between the breasts, the pocket for the breast implants can be adjusted to bring your breasts together or farther apart. There are also different breast implant choices like saline and silicone breast implants.

It is also important to note that the breast cleavage will vary depending on what type of bra and clothing the patient is wearing. To get the most out of breast augmentation with cleavage creation, patients should opt for a more natural look with the option of wearing a cleavage-inducing bra.

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Techniques Used For Breast Cleavage Creation

There is no exact or scientific average cleavage or distance between the breasts. This is usually based on the chest and torso measurements and proportions, as well as individual preference.

If you feel that your breast cleavage is too wide, then it is a good idea to get breast augmentation with the implants closer together. If the breasts are close in the middle, then a different surgical strategy may be required to attain the required end results. Some of these techniques that can be practiced for breast cleavage creation are:

  • Elevate the pectoralis major muscle to its margin, but do not take it off the breastbone
  • Use an implant large enough in size and width to fill the entire pocket and close the gap
  • Adding a permanent push to the implants toward the midline helps prevent older implants from migrating outward into the armpit, specifically when the individual is laying on her back
  • Fat injection on top of implant

During these techniques, one should be cautious not to drop the inframammary fold too much, if at all. The lower the implants are placed, the greater the tendency to shift towards the outside.

In some cases, this could even mean a lift will be necessary in order to properly position the nipple on the breasts so that the final results are not facing downwards. Because of these reasons, plastic surgeons should consider not dropping the fold in exchange for having a breast lift.

Apart from the technique, it is always a good idea for the patient to share the desired results with the plastic surgeon. Also, look at the before and after photos of the previous patients to make sure that you are getting the surgery done by the best possible plastic surgeon.

How To Get a Cleavage Created Even After Breast Augmentation?

If you have already had a breast augmentation and feel that your breasts are still too far apart in the middle, then there is always an option to get fat grating or surgery to reposition the breast implants. On the other hand, if your breasts are too close and your cleavage is quite narrow, it is recommended that the patient should get her breast implant pockets repositioned to address the issue.

In some cases, the patient may require the placement of surgical tissue products to maintain the separation of the right and left breasts. This is done to preserve the shape and size of the cleavage that the patient wants.

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