5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Biofibre/Synthetic Hair Transplant

  • If you can not get a natural hair transplant on your hair
  • If you do not have enough Donor area for hair transplant
  • If you underwent a natural hair transplant and are unhappy with the results
  • If you want the instant result and can’t wait for the natural hair transplant results
  • If you have extremely low-density hair on the scalp or are completely bald

A hair transplant can help to resolve your issues. Dr. Amit Gupta is a renowned Plastic surgeon who has performed 6500+ hair Transplant procedures at his clinic Divine Cosmetic Surgery.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Nido Synthetic Hair Transplant

Understanding A to Z Synthetic Hair Transplant

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    Nido Synthetic Hair Transplant

    In a synthetic hair transplant, artificial hair is planted one by one onto the bald patches of your scalp. That’s why the cosmetic appearance is really good with artificial hair. Synthetic hair is made only in Japan and Italy. Synthetic hair is made from artificial fiber and is biocompatible, this means that they are not harmful or toxic to the body and they are made from highly purified polyamide fibers. There are two techniques of manufacturing artificial hair, the Italian technique uses biofiber and the Japanese technique uses NIDO fiber. Artificial hair is available in various colours and shades. They are available in varying lengths from 15 cm to 30 cm. Artificial hair transplant can be done as a treatment for different types of hair loss especially, alopecia areata generalized hair thinning, androgenic alopecia, and scarring alopecia. If your hair has become thin and you are not completely bald you can get an artificial hair transplant.

    • You want High hair density
    • You are scared of having painful treatment
    • You are worried about your little donor area
    • You didn’t want to spend too much money on hair procedures
    Benefits of Nido Synthetic
    • Gives you a Natural Look

      Gives you a natural look

      This looks completely natural and can be washed and combed like natural hair.

    • Instant Results

      Instant results

      A synthetic hair transplant gives patients instant results and you can have a good hair density within a few hours of the surgery.

    • Don’t Need any Hair from the Donor Area

      Don’t need any hair from the donor area

      This is an ideal option for those who do not have a Donor area or a limited Donor area.

    • Affordability


       It is a pretty cost-effective and time-saving procedure.

    • Less Healing Time

      Less healing time

      An excellent procedure that allows you to get back to your active lifestyle immediately after the implant.

    What Nido Synthetic Can Do/ Can’t Do


    • Cure your widespread thinning and baldness
    • Gives you a natural look
    • Increase your appearance


    • Be permanent
    • Gives you permanent hair density
    • Does not stop continued hair thinning and hair loss
    Before & After Real Results
    Nido Synthetic Hair Transplant Procedure

    The doctor will first perform a fiber compatibility test, a month before the actual implant session. 100 artificial hairs will be inserted into the area of baldness on your head. You will be under observation for nearly a month for allergic reactions. If there are no allergic reactions, the doctor will recommend that you undergo the full procedure.

    At first, the doctor uses local anesthesia to numb your scalp. Using an automatic hair implant device, the doctor then implants the hair strands one by one into the scalp. The hair implant device(implanter pen)  inserts and hooks the knot at the end of each strand inside the scalp fascia. The process of implanting continues till a proper hair density is achieved. After completing the implantation.

    After the surgery procedure, the doctor will cleanse your scalp with a disinfectant. The doctor will prescribe antibiotics for a week to prevent any infections. This is quite a simple procedure. You have to visit the clinic every month to have your scalp cleaned, failing which sebum plugs may develop at the base of the implanted hairs, which can further lead to infection, inflammation, and even cysts.

    Differences between Hair Transplant and Synthetic Hair Implantation
    Hair TransplantSynthetic Hair Transplant
    Time for result9 monthsImmediate
    Downtime10-14 daysnone
    permanentyes1-5 years
    maintenancenoYes -scalp hygiene
    cost20-50 rs per follicle110-165 rs per follicle
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    Affordable Cost

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    The risk involved in Nido Synthetic hair Transplant?

    Like any medical procedure, there is some risk involved with an artificial hair transplant. Your body may even reject artificial hair. That’s why the first step to undergo an attached transplant to check if the artificial hair suits them. The patch test is conducted a month before the actual procedure with a hundred artificial hair. The patient is kept under observation for a month and their body reaction is noted. Some implant tests are also tolerated if the patient passes the tolerance test, they can get an artificial hair transplant done. If there are any allergic reactions the doctor suggests other treatments.

    The risk involved in Nido Synthetic hair Transplant
    Cost of Nido Synthetic

    The cost of synthetic hair transplant in India is variable. The main thing that should be taken care of, is that the correct number of synthetic hair implants should be done by the surgeon as promised. The synthetic hair transplant cost in Delhi could be around 110-165 RS per follicle. For synthetic hair transplant in Delhi, Dr. Amit Gupta is a well-experienced synthetic hair transplant doctor in Delhi. He works to provide good treatment, he does the best synthetic hair transplant in Delhi and he is well known for the best synthetic hair transplant in India level also. If you are searching for a synthetic hair transplant clinic in Delhi, do visit our Delhi and Gurgaon center.


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