Plastic Surgery In India

Future of Plastic Surgery in India

Future of Plastic Surgery In India : The annual global surveys by The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) have shown a rise in the use of plastic surgery. India has been frequently ranked amongst the top nations where such surgeries are done.

With the rise in purchasing power and recent social reforms, more and more people are spending on aesthetics. The road ahead is not certain. Yet it promises a future where people are attracted to aesthetics and individuality. They will want to stand out through various enhancements. And this will lead to a growth in the demand for plastic and cosmetic surgery in India.

Here are a few observations that point towards the promising future of plastic surgery in India:

1. Foreigners Make Up A Considerable Portion Of Surgeries

The term ‘medical tourism’ has gained momentum in recent years. This means that people are flying abroad for surgeries and medical assistance. While the cost of cosmetic treatments in developed nations is high, in countries like India, the costs are pretty reasonable.

This alternative saves somewhere around 40-80% and also provides a few tax benefits by claiming it as medical expenses on travel & tourism. And this is only going to rise as quality clinics and expert surgeons open their plastic-surgery shops in India.

2. Increase In The Disposable Income In India

Ram Nath Kovind, our 14th President anticipates India becoming the world’s third-largest consumer market by 2025. Purchasing power has increased. And consumers are more conscious about how they look. Their aesthetics are tied with their confidence and overall personality.

Many people aged between 35-45 are opting for popular plastic surgeries such as liposuction, breast implant, hair transplant, abdominoplasty, etc. The demand is certainly going to rise as this age bracket shifts to an even younger population.

3. Innovations In Surgery Techniques And Equipment

The risks and dangers of plastic surgery are fast-becoming extinct due to technological advancements. Surgeries, today, are performed more quickly and efficiently than before.

After-effects on patients have been reduced thanks to new surgical techniques and procedures. This has placed plastic surgery as a favorable choice in the minds of young and old people alike. People are no longer apprehensive about getting cosmetic treatments.

4. People Have Access To Reliable Resources About Cosmetic Treatments

A few decades ago, the word ‘plastic surgery’ used to trigger fear, danger, and violation. The celebrities and patients who underwent surgeries were despised and detested as they were seen as pretentious people afraid of reality.

Today, the increase in the availability of experienced surgeons and specialized doctors has washed many of the misconceptions. Their counsel has resulted in a positive image-building in the minds of countless prospects who want better aesthetics. People also have access to many reliable resources.

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5. Influence Of Media And Celebrity

The undeniable influence of Bollywood celebrities and media has only proven beneficial to the plastic surgeons in the country. Many actresses and actors undergo various kinds of surgery to get better looks.

Their impact on the fans and crowds is immense. Majority of people dream of looking like their favorite celebrity. And to get attention and respect like them. This trend is increasing day-by-day as people are more closely connected than ever with celebs through social media platforms.

All these factors, including,

● Rising living standards
● Increasing disposable incomes
● Socio-cultural influences

And new surgical techniques have increased the volume of plastic and cosmetic surgery in India. The top surgeons and clinics are also keeping up with the pace and demand through high-level training and cutting-edge devices.

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