Worried about loosing Hair everyday?

Thick lustrous hair symbolizes beauty and also adds confidence to a man’s personality. But due to a rapidly changing lifestyle, hair thinning has become a common problem among men. Symptoms of losing hair can be;

  • The appearance of patchy or bald spots on the scalp
  • Full-body hair loss [especially beard hair]
  • Hair loss more than 100 hair per day
  • Scaling on hair scalp

If you are also suffering from these symptoms then you should consider opting for treatment. Dr. Amit Gupta provides the best hair loss treatment for men in Delhi.

hair loss for male in delhi

Understanding Hair Fall in Men?

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    Reasons of Hair Loss in Men?

    Hair loss in men has become very common recently. It affected not only their appearance but also their confidence. In today’s dynamic world, the reasons for hair fall can be various. If you are losing 50 to 100 hair strands per day then it is normal but if the amount is more than it can be worrisome. The reasons for hair loss in men can be different and can range from hormonal changes to medical conditions to inherited.  Let’s try to get the crux of what are the main reasons behind this increasing peak of hair loss in men.

    Having an inherited balding pattern can also be a reason for severe hair loss. Sometimes this type of hair loss is inevitable and irreversible.

    Through a hormonal process, the testosterone converts into DHT which further harms hair follicles, and this results in hair loss. Testosterone amount is more in male instead of female that’s why +this cause for hair loss is common in males.

    Changing hormones can also cause hair loss in males. This is the common reason for hair loss in men due to the changing lifestyle.

    Certain medications and supplements can cause severe side effects and can result in hair loss.

    Radiation therapy can be helpful in certain diseases but it also damages hair follicles which ultimately degrades the hair strength and results in hair fall.

    Chronic stress can cause severe hair loss. Stress also causes an imbalance in appetite which also results in nutrient imbalance and causes hair loss.

    Extensive hair styling and heat damage hair strands and cause hair breakage which degrades the hair strength. This stimulates hair loss severely.

    Types of Hair loss in Men
    • Male Pattern Baldness

      Male Pattern Baldness

      This is typical of  of baldness running in families.  the reason is the role of DHT which causes micro hair damage at cellular level. The treatment initially involves DHT blockers, and vitamin supplements and later Hair Transplant

    • Alopecia Areata

      Alopecia Areata

      Autoimmune hair loss occurring in younger age groups. This is a self limiting condition often needing steroids injection for treatment. Transplant is only recommended once the disease has stabilized and no fresh patches are seen

    • Cicatricial / Post Burn

      Cicatricial / Post Burn

      This will need either multiple sessions of hair transplant or tissue expansion to cover the patch of Hair Loss

    Every patient of Male Hair Loss is different. What works, well for your friends may not be the right solution for your hair fall concerns, which is why we suggest you visit our clinic.

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    How to manage Hair Fall in Men?

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    Treatments of Hair Fall in Men

    Hair transplantation is the surgical method in which the surgeon takes the hair follicles from the genetically strong area and implants them into the bald area of the head. Divine Cosmetic Surgery offers a hair transplant clinic in Delhi price lower than others.

    Divine Cosmetics Approach To Hair Fall in Men
    What Hair Fall Treatment Can Do/ Can’t Do


    • Promote new hair growth
    • Can cure hair thinning
    • Can increase hair follicles
    • Can improve hair texture


    • cure genetic hair loss
    • can permanently change hair texture
    • can cause extensive new hair root formation
    • can help in changing hair strength
    Before & After Real Results
    Duration of Hair Fall Treatment for Men

    The duration of treatment primarily depends upon the severity of the hair fall condition. Also, the duration varies according to the type of treatment that the patient has opted for.

    Minoxidil works by prolonging the growth phase of hair providing more time for hair to grow out to its full density. The hair loss treatment generally prolongs from six months.

    But it can take a few more months to tell whether the treatment is working or not.  The age of the patient also affects the duration of treatment. Young age men are more likely to get good results soon from the treatment while men in their later years of life find it difficult to get the full results in the early time of the treatment.

    Cost of Hair Fall Treatment for Men?

    The general cost of hair loss treatment for male depends upon the stage of the hair loss at which the patient opts for treatment. Also, the reputation of the clinic and the experience of the doctor determine the cost of the treatment.  PRP is considerably cheaper while mesotherapy costs more. The average treatment cost in India is around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 30,000. Dr. Amit Gupta provides the best male hair loss treatment at affordable prices. If you are looking for a place to get the treatment then your search ends at our clinic. We provide the best hair loss treatment for males.


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