Breast Implant cost in India

Common myths about breast implant surgery

Breast Implant Myths

Have you undergone a mastectomy recently? Or even if not, only a few of us own that perfect body shape and the optimum weight to balance beauty with personality. But there’s away.

If you are struggling to feel confident with your breasts, a simple surgery can solve the problem. And the current breast implant cost in India is conducive and budget-friendly.

But maybe certain misconceptions are holding you back. Here are some of the common myths about breast implant surgery to be wary of:

1. It’s Detrimental To Your Health

The first and the foremost misunderstanding about breast implant surgery is that it’s harmful. Sure, if you’re not at your ideal health already then your body isn’t ready for any surgery at all. But those with a well-maintained health record will have favorable results and elevate their aesthetics significantly.

2. My Body Isn’t Compatible

You don’t need to worry if your body is made for this. A breast implant surgery is not a one-size-fits-some but a multiple-kind-fits-one. Meaning, a skillful and experienced surgeon will analyze your body shape, skin, size, etc, and provide a specific implant solution that’ll work only for you.

3. They Will Always Look Artificial

With the rapid advancements in technology and the rising standards in plastic surgery, it’s hard to differentiate between real and artificial. And the truth is breast implants are not artificial but just a better-aligned version of breast tissue. This alignment is achieved through replenishment and incision of breast tissue or insertion of silicone behind the areola.

4. Mastectomy Doesn’t Allow It

Mastectomy is a surgical procedure when a person’s cancer-infected breast tissue is removed. This is a delicate surgery yet it’s a myth that you need to wait several months to get a breast implant surgery after that. In fact, it’s observed that having a breast implant surgery immediately is more beneficial to the patient as it spares the repair operations post-mastectomy.

5. I’m Too Old For This

You don’t need to be in a certain age-bracket to reconstruct your breasts through surgery. And if you have maintained your physical well-being through a balanced diet & exercise, you will have a successful surgery. You are not too old to enhance your looks and beauty with the help of plastic surgery by an expert surgeon.

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6. Now I Can Fit Into It (Your Dream Bra-Size)

The breast implant surgery may not necessarily make your breasts eligible to fit into a specific bra-size. Although, you can discuss with the surgeon how you want to look with them. Then, she will work out the best size and shape that works with your body so that you can prepare for the next photoshoot with your favorite celebrities.

7. I’ll Build Them At The Gym

Sure, exercise helps to carve a better body shape, weight, and aesthetics. And it’s a good tip for everyone in general. But for those who have undergone pregnancy, mastectomy, drastic weight-loss, or aging, it’s nearly impossible. For them, breast implant surgery by an experienced plastic surgeon is a great option.

8. It Needs Constant Repair & Maintenance

This was true in the ’90s, but today’s breast implant by a skilled surgeon will last more than 10 years. Dramatic changes in weight or body shape may call for a revision, yet most women are able to sustain it for a lifetime. Follow the diet and exercise regime recommended by your surgeon and it’ll work out just fine.

9. Bigger Is Better

You can have bigger breasts by surgery, but it may not last long. An experienced plastic surgeon will figure out the most suitable breast size in accordance with your age, body type & shape for you. This is the best option as it secures the breast tissue to prevent any sagging in the future.

10. No Pain, No Gain

This is not entirely true. The latest improvements in surgery methods and appropriate anesthesia doses ensure that the patient has to endure just a little pain during and after the surgery. And many are able to recover and return to their daily activities in a jiffy.

11. Anyone Can Do It

When you need to fix a tooth that’s bugging from yesterday and causing havoc in your daily routine, who do you consult? A dentist, right! Similarly, when you need to have breast implant surgery, a certified plastic surgeon is the best choice. Ensure that the surgeon you choose is qualified and experienced in breast implant surgery.

12. It Hinders Breastfeeding

A successful breast implant surgery will create no hindrances in the natural process of breastfeeding. As this is a hormonal process that takes place during pregnancy, the surgery has no effect on it. Often, women are unable to breastfeed due to hormonal and psychological limitations.

13. I Can’t Afford It

The recent hike in the price of petrol hasn’t had any effect on the breast implant cost in India. In fact, many technological and surgical advancements over the years have helped to make it cost-effective. You definitely won’t need all your life savings for this simple plastic surgery as favorable financing schemes make up for it.

14. What People Would Say

They’ll say whatever they feel like in the moment and then forget about you and your chest forever. Decisions regarding your body are yours to make. Worrying about what neighbors or other people might say is a recipe for disaster. If you know that improving your body-aesthetics through cosmetic surgery will uplift your self-esteem and lifestyle, go for it.

The popularity of breast augmentation and breast implant surgery has incepted these several myths. But most of them are actually a result of incomplete information. Majority of plastic surgeries are resulting in satisfied patients and beautiful bodies. So, if you think that a little customization of your body will bring back that confidence you had back in college, go for it.

It’s key to choose the right surgeon and clinic for breast augmentation surgery in India.

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