Facts about Breast Implants

5 Surprising Facts About Breast Implants

Breast implants are placed in the breast region through a surgical procedure that provides the patient with an enhanced aesthetic look. Breast implant surgery if done correctly can produce amazing results that enhance the overall appearance of a woman.

Apart from increasing the size of a woman’s breasts, a breast implant procedure can also help a woman to become more confident. This procedure can also be opted for by women who have lost the volume and shape of their breasts due to any biological reason.

It has been a rumor that breast implants may cause severe effects on the patient. These rumors turn into fears, making the patient less likely to believe in breast implants.

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This is why if you are considering getting breast implants, then this article reveals 5 surprising facts about breast implants that you must know before getting this procedure done.

Facts about Breast Implants

Breast Implants are Safe

There have been numerous types of research that prove that both silicone and saline implants are safe. Silicone breast implants give a feel of natural breast tissue.

Motiva is a renowned brand that provides the safest silicone implants that can be used for new and revision cases. These implants are certified by the US FDA. They are of the best quality, possess high durability, and even the companies issue a warranty card that provides a lifelong warranty and a great deal of commitment. Patients should always know that these implants would support them throughout their life.

The movement of the breast follows gravity naturally. If the patient gets breast implants at Divine Cosmetic Surgery, then she will be able to enjoy extremely natural results.

You Can Breastfeed With Implants

Having breast implants doesn’t take away your ability to breastfeed. Women may or may not be able to successfully breastfeed depending on many factors, but there’s no evidence that breastfeeding is unsafe for you or your baby. Women who have mastectomy and implant breast reconstruction cannot breastfeed because milk ducts in the breast tissue are removed. At Divine Cosmetic Surgery silicone implants are used, these types of implants are recommended by Dr. Amit Gupta as these implants are safe and give a feel of natural breast tissue.

Although as the patient grows older, the physiology and anatomy change. If the patient has children, there is a possibility that the shape and size of the implant might move. To reduce the chances of that happening, patients should get breast implants from experienced and qualified plastic surgeons only.

No Side Effects of Getting Breast Implants

Breast implants are a safe replacement and act as a natural breast giving a perfect shape. Certain patients are worried about the side effects of the implants. It has been proven that if the procedure has been performed by an experienced and qualified surgeon, no side effects would be there. There is no possibility of leakage and the implant feels exactly similar to the human flesh giving a natural look.

Breast implants are available in various shapes and sizes and among them, the most suitable is chosen for the patient which ensures the safety of the implant. At Divine Cosmetic Surgery, before the breast implant surgery, Dr. Amit Gupta would personally have a medical assessment where he discusses with the patient before and after precautions of the surgery. The patients must follow these guidelines to prevent any side effects.

Once the treatment is done, the patient might feel a little bit of discomfort and temporary pain. This quickly resolves on its own with time.

No Cancer 

Cancer is a disease that involves abnormal and unwanted growth of cells and destroys body tissues. A patient having cancer can have serious problems. It has been a myth that breast implants can cause cancer. Scientists and researchers have proved that modern-day implants never cause any kind of cancer.

Patients fear that getting a breast implant may lead to cancer and or problems that may arise during breastfeeding or some kind of pain. These are just myths and have no basis in reality.

Lack of Scientific Proof In Regards to Permanent Problems and Short Life of Surgery

More than 95% of women don’t have any problems with implant rupture. The rest problems occur due to an unhealthy lifestyle or some trauma that happened to the patient. Patients need to be aware and research properly before undergoing the surgical procedure.

Patients opt for breast implants for several reasons which include altering the size and shape of the breast. Permanent problems are caused when plastic surgeons are inexperienced or not qualified enough to deliver proper results.

An average procedure takes around an hour. The recovery period may vary from patient to patient. It requires a recovery of one week in which exercises of the upper body and driving must be avoided. The final and finishing results of the surgery would be visible at the end of a month.

Why should you consider Breast implants from Divine Cosmetic Surgery?

Divine Cosmetic Surgery has been India’s most trusted plastic surgery clinic. Our medical team has decades of experience and we always ensure that the best implants are provided to the patients so that they can get the most aesthetic look to their breasts. The procedure followed is absolutely safe and secure with virtually scarless treatment.

Breast implant in Delhi the entire team at Divine Cosmetic Surgery is led by Dr. Amit Gupta who has over two decades of experience in the field. On top of this, we use the best that science and technology have to offer to get you the best results.

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