Liposuction & whole body figure correction

Generally, liposuction is the commonly performed surgical procedure. Lasting removal of fat cells using a suction device can be performed through this procedure. The procedure is safe and can be done in a minimum time. The surgical procedure has been subjected to some controversies. This has been due to performance of the surgery by untrained personnel.

Those claims that assure the removal of 10 to 12 kg of fat are false. The standard amount of fat that can be removed should be about 3 to 5% of the total body weight.

Liposuction surgery is in high demand throughout the country due to an increase in obese persons. Liposuction cosmetic surgery can be effectively performed by Dr. Amit Gupta. Phrases like ‘liposuction surgery India’ have become tantamount to his services. Advanced liposuction surgeries are performed so that the patients obtain a better aesthetic appearance.

Concerning the abdomen, a liposuction cosmetic surgery is performed along with tummy tuck procedure.


Infiltration of the fluids is performed in the areas to be liposuctioned. The benefits of this procedure are multifold. Some of the benefits are reduction in bleeding, fat loosening, better pain control, etc. Usually our doctor infiltrates the fluid in a 1:1 ratio with the amount of fat that is supposed to be aspirated. When aspiration is performed in this ratio, only pure fat is removed and not water mixed with fat. Therefore, an exact estimate of the aspirated fat can be obtained. After performing the surgery, it is essential to know the amount of fat that is left in the body rather than measuring the fat amount taken out.

For whole-body figure correction, fat is suctioned from select areas of the body. This is performed through small incisions. Initially, the site for liposuction is determined and then the initial incision sites are planned. These incisions are only 1.5 cm in length and are hence not visible. Quicker healing can be achieved when small incisions are made. The patient is usually discharged the same day as the surgery.

Newer technology

The cosmetic field is undergoing some major technological advancement. Techniques like vibro-liposuction, power liposuction, VASER, laser liposuction, etc., have been developed in the field of liposuction. In vibro-liposuction and power liposuction, special equipments are used to suction the fat through a ‘to & fro’ motion. These techniques significantly reduce the mechanical effort needed to perform the procedure. Obviously, these techniques are relatively costlier than the conventional surgical techniques. Very good skin reshaping can be achieved when laser is used for liposuction. However, many controversies exist regarding the use of laser for this purpose. Therefore, this method is not used generally.

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