5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Beard Hair Transplant

  • If you want exceptional density.
  • You don’t have much beard growth.
  • You have gone through any trauma or accident.
  • You are suffering from diminishing hair in your beard area.
  • You had an illness.

A hair transplant can help to resolve your issues. Dr. Amit Gupta is a renowned Plastic surgeon who has performed 6500+ hair Transplant procedures at his clinic Divine Cosmetic Surgery

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Understanding Beard Hair Transplant

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    Beard Hair Transplant

    A beard transplant is a process and technique that is rather similar to a scalp hair transplant which involves extracting donor hair on the back or sides of the hair. Your surgeon chooses the hair which closely matches your facial hair and then carefully transplants it to the recipient site. The only difference between the two is that smaller incisions are used while transplanting a beard than a scalp transplant. In cases of those with a balding head, your surgeon may extract donor hair from body hair, typically chest hair.

    • You have an uneven beard.
    • You look like a child without a beard.
    • You are losing your self-respect because of a thin/no beard.
    • You are searching for a less invasive procedure.
    Benefits of Beard Hair Transplant
    • Bring Back Your Confidence

      Bring back your Confidence

      A beard hair transplant gives your confidence and you will feel attractive from the inside.

    • Natural-looking Results

      Natural-looking Results

      Beard hair transplants use your natural hair which gives you natural-looking results.

    • Pain-free Process

      Pain-free process

      A Beard transplant is not a painful procedure. Because this entire procedure requires minimal invasion and medical innovation is currently at its finest.

    • Less Healing Time

      Less healing time

      A Beard transplant doesn't need a long recovery period after the procedure. You will notice some redness and minor swelling, but it will fade away the following days.

    • Permanent Results

      Permanent Results

      A Beard transplant is considered a permanent solution for individuals suffering/lacking from facial hair.

    What Beard Hair Transplant Can Do/ Can’t Do


    • Provides natural-looking
    • Permanent results
    • Give you luscious beard


    • Change the color and texture of hair
    • Do temporary treatment
    Before & After Real Results
    Beard Hair Transplant Procedure

    Your surgeon will clean and prep the area for surgery. He will re-draw the type of beard you want and then he’ll give you local anesthesia to numb the area.

    Whether you’ve chosen to have an FUE or a FUT, your surgeon’s first step will be to shave the area on your head that’s being harvested. After that, Once the follicles have been harvested from your head, the surgeon will inject a local anesthetic into the area of your face where the implants will be placed. Then, the surgeon will implant each follicle into your facial skin, shaping your new beard the way you and the doctor agreed on before surgery.

    After your surgery is done, your surgeon will clean the area and provide you instructions for post-operative care. The whole process takes 7-8 hours but after the next day, you can resume your daily work. After about a week to 10 days, you should be able to start shaving normally and trimming your new beard.

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    For You

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    The risk involved in Beard Hair Transplant?

    The risk in a beard hair transplant comes when you don’t have your surgery done from a reputed place, which can lead to many severe problems. These are the common risks that can be treated by medications.

    • Follicle swelling
    • Rough crust
    • Tingling Sensation
    • Numbness
    • Heaviness/tightness

    If you feel any of the above concerns, contact your surgeon immediately. If you are searching for the best beard hair transplant in Delhi then, Dr. Amit Gupta is the best beard hair transplant surgeon in Delhi and he does the best beard hair transplant in Delhi.

    risk involved in beard hair transplant
    Get the macho look with beard hair transplant
    Cost of Beard Hair Transplant

    The cost of beard hair transplants in India is big because it is an advanced process. The beard hair transplant cost in India depends upon various factors like the patient and the quality of surgery provided by the doctor. The experience of a doctor also matters the most. Since it is an advanced procedure aimed at achieving perfect results, the patient must expect starting cost is 50000 for a beard hair transplant. Dr. Amit Gupta is one of the best beard hair transplant surgeons in India and he works to provide the best treatment and affordable rates.


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