Breast Implant Cost and the Best Method of Breast Enlargement in India

What is the Cost and Best Method of a Breast Implant?

Breast augmentation surgery cost varies depending on location and the clinics. Always get yourself treated under a board-certified plastic surgeon. Do not go with unregistered surgeons as they don’t have proper knowledge of the surgery. Divine Cosmetic Surgery provides treatment at very reasonable rates. The cost starts from Rs. 150000 at our center and depends on the type of implant you have chosen.

Nowadays people are very concerned about their looks, mostly women. A recent study found that most of the women are unhappy with their breast size and they want to increase their breast size. And many of them take medications to get fuller breasts but medicines may cause some side effects that will lead to severe health problems. Some women start exercising or taking yoga classes. It is normal to have different sized breasts among women. Some women are uncomfortable with their small-sized breasts and choose breast implant surgery which is the ultimate solution to this problem.

What is Breast Implantation?

Breast implant or breast augmentation involves a surgical procedure to increase the size and shape of the breasts to enhance overall beauty. This procedure is done by putting silicone or saline implants under the breast tissue by creating a pocket through an incision.

Why do People Choose Breast Implant Surgery?

To increase the size of the breasts: – Few women have small breasts that make them conscious about their appearance. Women having abnormally small breasts feel themselves less attractive that may decrease their self-confidence. Breast enlargement surgery raises their self-confidence about their body.

Improves self-confidence by improving appearance: – Every woman wants fuller breasts so that they can wear their figure-flattering dresses. Breast implants contours their body and makes them look more feminine than before.

To correct the asymmetrical breast size: – Most women have uneven breast size that can be easily seen. The surgeon makes the size equal by simply putting the implant.

Restore breast size after pregnancy: – Body of a woman undergoes some changes after the pregnancy. Sagging breasts are one of those cases in which the breast tissue shrinks, the skin stretched and the breasts look saggy. Breast implantation surgery may help in restoring the breast size as they were earlier.

Look younger: – As the people grow older their body starts producing less reproductive hormones. This is the reason for the reduction of breast tissue and the breast size looks smaller than before. Many women take cosmetic surgery or breast implantation to make their breasts look fuller and they look young even in their older age. Breast enlargement in India is becoming the most common surgery these days.

Is Breastfeeding Possible After Surgery?

Yes, it is possible. Most women are worried about whether they could feed their babies after pregnancy or not. Breast implantation is a surgery to increase the size and shape which does not affect the function of the breast. During the surgery, implants are placed behind the breast tissue that makes the

What are Breast Implants and methods? Are they safe?

Are you wondering what are those implants that increase breast size and look natural? Breast implants are made with silicone-gel and saline like material. Saline implants have sterile saltwater filling in them. They’re put empty and filled after inserting it into the right place. Silicone implants come with pre-filled silicone gel. In our clinic, we use silicone implants as they are made with silicone gel and are safe from leakage.

Implants come with different sizes that suit the body type of the patient. These implants are thick and feel like human flesh that appears a natural breast. These implants are safe that will not cause any infections. The rate of breast enlargement in India has been increasing in recent years. Most of the women want to get treatment with silicone breast implants after discussion with the surgeon as they look and feel more like a natural breast.

Does it Cause Cancer?
No, breast implants do not cause cancer and other health-related problems. These implants are proven safe for the surgery.

What is the Age for Getting Breast Implant Surgery ?

After developing the breast completely, it makes the women the right candidate for the surgery. The minimum age for breast augmentation is 18 years, at this age, the breast shape and size are fully developed. Don’t take risks by getting the surgery before 18 years as this can cause serious problems.

Always discuss with your surgeon first if you’re thinking about breast augmentation surgery. There is no upper age fixed for this surgery. Any woman who is more than 18 years is eligible for breast implantation surgery. Other than Gurgaon we provide the surgery of breast enlargement in Delhi as well.

What is the Duration of the Surgery?

On average breast enlargement surgery takes 45 minutes under the local anesthesia in which the patient remains awake but feels numb while operating. The patient can be discharged within 2-3 hours of the surgery. The patient can expect to go back to their home on the same day. And the patient can go back to their normal activities after 2-3 days of the surgery.

What is Post-Surgery Care?

For fast recovery, the patient must follow the proper instructions of the surgeon. Dr. Amit Gupta recommends following some instructions that can help the patient to recover fast. These involve avoiding abdominal exercise, aerobic exercise, and any other upper body exercise for at least 7 days of the surgery that help to reduce upper body movement.

About Dr. Amit Gupta

Dr. Amit Gupta is the founder of Divine Cosmetics Surgery and performs the surgery of breast enlargement in Delhi and Gurgaon. He has an immeasurable more than 17 years of experience with a 100% successful rate. He is one of the best surgeons of breast enlargement in Delhi India. His educational qualifications include MBBS. MS (General Surgery), DNB (Plastic Surgery) Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. With his skills and knowledge, he has won many awards and certificates.

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