Do you know Buccal Fat Surgery is an incredible way to reduce facial fat and get the perfect jawline you always wanted?

Buccal fat surgery targets the cheeks to remove extra fat and give that chiseled jawline. A strong jawline and higher cheekbones are the recent trends that are making people go aww about them. But some people have a lot of fat on their face concentrating on their cheek areas. This makes their face look more round. If you also have cheek fat that makes your face look round and comes in the way of your dream jawline then buccal fat surgery is the solution for you.

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Buccal Fat Surgery Delhi India

What is Buccal Fat?

The buccal fat is the mass of fat tissue present under the cheek skin tissues. Excess of this can make your face look more full and round. The buccal fat pad is located on both sides between the superficial muscles of the face. This fat pad helps in chewing and sucking. These fat pads also help in the action of the muscles used in mastication. It can also function as a cushion to protect sensitive facial muscles from injury due to muscle action or exterior force. The excess of buccal fat can make the face look more fuller and rounded which can fade away other features of the face. So some people opt to get rid of it to make their face look slimmer and their jawline more protruding.

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    Understanding Buccal Fat Removal!

    What To Expect From Buccal Fat Surgery?

    To prevent any kind of mishap later you must prepare yourself better for the surgery. First of all, your doctor will do an overall body check-up to ensure that you are in good health to undergo the surgery. It is very important to quit smoking at least 2 weeks before the surgery to prevent any complications during the recovery phase. Similarly, alcohol consumption is also prohibited before and after the surgery. Avoid consuming any kind of blood-thinning medicines that can enhance the risk of excessive bleeding later.

    The procedure may be done in a hospital or a clinic. The duration also varies according to the associated procedures with it. If you’re only getting buccal fat removal, you will be given local anesthesia in your face. If you’re receiving more than one surgery, you might be given general anesthesia. In this case, you will need someone to take care of you after the surgery. Your surgeon will make an incision inside your cheek. They’ll place pressure on the outside of your cheek to further expose the buccal fat pad. Your surgeon will cut and remove the fat. They’ll close the wound with dissolvable stitches.

    Swelling and bruising after the surgery is normal around the operated area. The mouth will also be sore and stiff after the surgery for several days. That’s why the patient is advised to eat soft foods or adopt a liquid diet for a few days after the surgery. The patient will be needed to get regular visits to the doctor after the surgery for a while. Also, it is important to avoid any strenuous activity after the surgery for 2-3 weeks after the surgery to avoid any stress on the incisions. The results take approximately 3 months to be visible.

    What Buccal Fat Surgery Can Do/ Can’t Do


    • Removes facial fat.
    • Makes the jawline sharper.
    • Enhance confidence.
    • Helps to achieve a golden ratio face.


    • Reduce jowls.
    • Change skin texture.
    • Alter facial skull shape.
    • Decrease aging effects.
    Before & After Real Results

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    Advantages of Surgery With Divine

    • Scar less
    • 5 minutes Procedure
    Recovery After Buccal Fat Surgery?

    The swelling and bruising are normal after the surgery. The patient can use ice packs to get rid of it.  It is advisable to not get involved in strenuous activities much. The patient should also not opt for smoking and alcohol after the surgery for several weeks. Patients typically have to swell for a few days, but often this swelling is not visible externally. The final result can take up to 3 months to manifest. If you have decided to undergo the surgery then the first important thing is to contact a skilled surgeon. Divine Cosmetic Surgery provides the best buccal fat removal in Delhi under the supervision of one of the best surgeons Dr. Amit Gupta.

    Recovery After Buccal Fat Surgery
    The risk involved in Buccal Fat Surgery?

    There is the risk for damage in the buccal branch nerve that might be affected to control facial functions, therefore. This may also result in partial face paralysis. Likewise, damage to the parotid duct also might occur in men and women whose parotid ducts run deep to the buccal fat pad, which can to a salivary fistula or buildup of saliva. There are also some common risks like scarring and bruising. Prolonged swelling can also cause issues. There is the possibility of improper facial ratio appearance as well.

    Cost of Buccal Fat Surgery?

    It depends on the clinic to clinic but buccal fat removal costs in India. The cost of buccal fat starts from 40000. If you are looking for the best buccal fat removal near me then we recommend you to contact our clinic. 

    Our clinic provides the best treatment at affordable buccal fat surgery costs. Since buccal fat removal is a cosmetic procedure, it’s not covered by health insurance.

    Cost of Buccal Fat Surgery
    FAQ’s For Buccal Fat Surgery

    Buccal fat extraction is the removal of a part of the buccal fat pads in the cheeks. These fat pads are located in the lowest cheeks and can contribute to an overly round or plump face, sometimes referred to as” chipmunk cheeks”.

    Buccal fat removal can be done at almost any age. However, keep in mind that many people begin to lose facial fat in their 20s and 30s.

    During your buccal fat extraction consultation, your surgeon will discuss your aesthetic goals, review your option and explain what can be realistically achieved with buccal fat extraction.

    Buccal fat extraction is done on an outpatient basis under light sleep sedation, regional anesthesia with sedation, local anesthesia with oral sedation, or general intravenous sedation, depending on your surgeon’s preference done at the same time. After you are anesthetized, your surgeon will make an incision on one side of the inside of your mouth between your upper molars and inner cheeks.

    You should see preliminary results within a week or two as the swelling subsides, but it may take anywhere from two to four months to see the full results of your buccal fat extraction procedure.


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