Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic procedure


All the procedures can be performed in the same setting. Almost 10 to 12 litres of fat may be aspirated from the concerned areas. This can be comfortably done since VASER is very safe to use. You might need to rest for almost 4 to 6 days. After this period, you can go back to home.

Six-Pack Creation

Yes. With the modern 4-D VASER technique, it is possible to create anatomically shaped abdomen, with the “six packs” highlighted. The results are permanent and longstanding provided you continue with a maintenance regimen postoperatively.


Breast Augmentation

breast surgery

Breast augmentation, using breast implants, is a completely safe and guaranteed way of achieving fuller breasts. Unmarried girls who opt for this procedure do not face any problem in the future, especially as it relates to post pregnancy lactation and breast-feeding.

Generally speaking, with high profile implants, an increase of two to three cup sizes is achievable. If someone desires a size increase more than that, then ultra-high profile implants are suggested, which can result in up to four cup size increase.

VASER procedure

Changes from this procedure can be observed by the end of the 1st week. During the 1st week end, it may be necessary for the patient to tighten the pressure garment. During the initial days after the procedure, effects like swelling may be experienced. Tremendous changes may be experienced towards the end of 3rd week. In such a condition, the garments may be required to be tightened by almost 4 to 7 inches. This inch loss can improve for about 3 months.

A breast reduction without scars can be attained using VASER technique. The bulk of the breast is reduced by aspirating fat. This step is followed by skin procedures for breast lift. A fine invisible scar is left around the nipple region.

For improving the body structure, the fat that is taken out with VASER can be injected to any portion of the body like buttocks, breasts, cheek, lips, etc. This is advantageous because the fat that is necessary for injection is easily available at the required time. The fat injection is more natural looking and permanent.


Body Conturing


VASER can also be done as a redo procedure. Very good skin shaping can be performed without bleeding. Formation of cellulite is also very little. Some improvement in the existing cellulite can be expected since the fat removal is uniform.

Post Procedure

It is OK for most patients to get discharged on the same day as the procedure. The patient can, therefore, rest comfortably in their home environment. Activities like bathing can be performed on the next day.

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