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Mommy Makeover Surgery Cost in India

‘Mommy Makeover Surgery’ is an interesting term given to a set of procedures which aim to make a mother regain her vibrant teenage self. These procedures are, in effect, done to reverse the effects of pregnancy such as:

1. Sagging Breasts

2. Loose abdominal skin

3. Fat in the abdominal region

4. Genital Rejuvenation.

5. A combination of any or all of these procedures constitute a ‘mommy makeover’ procedure:

6. Breast augmentation/lift/reduction

7. Liposuction/VASER-assisted liposuction of the abdominal region.

8. Tummy tuck

9. Vaginal tightening

10. Rejuvenation of external genitalia like reshaping of labia (to make it appear younger).

Following a ‘mommy makeover’ surgery, you regain your youthful appearance all over and are ready to rock!

Every woman wants to retain or regain her physical youth. Mummy makeover surgery is a set of procedures that rectifies various conditions like saggy breasts, loose abdominal skin, tummy fat, roomy external vagina, etc. Most of these conditions arise after childbirth. Obviously, these procedures involve liposuction, abdominoplasty, breast lift, and sometimes vaginal tightening. Based on the individual requirement, the appropriate procedures are chosen..

Cost of Mommy Makeover?

It is important to understand the factors that affect the cost of a mommy makeover surgery as it involves multiple surgeries like tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction. Mommy makeover cost in India varies depending on an individual’s goals and needs with surgery. If you’re searching for mommy makeovers near me, visit Divine Cosmetic Surgery for reasonable prices.

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Following are the various advantages of this procedure-

1. Firm and upright breasts.

2. Removal of most stretch marks. A tight, shapely and beautiful abdomen can be attained.

3. The immediate change in appearance.

4. A tight vagina for experiencing better sexual pleasure.

Recovery period: The only technique that necessitates a long recovery span is abdominoplasty. It usually takes 5 to 7 days for the women to be fully active. Although recovery time is essential, there is no need for bed rest. Not much pain is experienced in the vaginal and breast areas. If liposuction is performed in the abdomen, then it is necessary for the patients to wear a pressure garment. The garment should be worn continuously for 3 weeks. This is to retain the inward pressure of the abdomen.

Precautions: Pregnancy after the mommy makeover surgery (which involves abdominoplasty) is not at all recommended. This is because of the fact that the abdomen finds it difficult to expand after abdominoplasty. The chance for breastfeeding is reduced to half after the breast lift procedure.

Instructions after the procedure: It takes less than a day for the patients to get discharged. The patients are instructed to take rest for a week. Any sort of strenuous exercises like running, sexual intercourse, etc., are to be avoided for about 3 to 6 weeks. However, the patient is allowed to gently walk starting the next day itself. Regarding clothing, pressure garments including sports bra should be worn for almost 3 weeks. Initially, about 3 to 4 sexual intercourses after vaginoplasty will cause some pain. Although pain is felt during insertion, considerable pleasure can be obtained due to a tight vagina.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is a procedure designed to contour the abdomen. It involves liposuction to remove excess fat in the abdomen, back, and of ‘side rolls’; removal of extra, loose skin in the lower abdominal region; and tightening of abdominal muscles rendered loose post pregnancy.

Short one-day hospital admission is followed by about a week’s rest. Most women are able to gradually start their activities of daily living and other lifestyle activities following the initial resting period of 5 days. Post-procedure, you are required to wear a specialized pressure garment for a few weeks to assist with recovery.

The procedure has lasting effects and provides an almost instantaneous result.

Breast Lift

Breast lift or mastopexy procedure is indicated in women with sagging breasts. Sagging breasts can be a result of significant weight loss or may happen following a period of breast-feeding, and in some women, the condition is present naturally.

Mastopexy procedure allows to correct the sagging of the breasts and provides a more normal appearance to the breasts, along with the much desired wellrounded appearance and fullness. The procedure is a daycare procedure, and the post-procedure recovery period is fairly limited, with a return to activities of normal daily living in about two to three days’ time.

Augmentation of breasts with breast implants can also be done in conjunction with a mastopexy procedure to provide an enhancement in size. The technique we follow involves a short vertical scar which are placed such that they are near invisible to untrained eyes. Breast lift is increasingly becoming a part of a set of procedures known as ‘Mommy Makeover’.


There are two versions of liposuction available as of date. These include the conventional approach to liposuction and the relatively newer VASER-assisted liposuction approach. VASER is an acronym for vibration-amplified sonar energy at resonance.

The conventional approach utilizes introduction of tumescent fluid and careful separation of fat from the underlying tissue and finally aspiration of fat using suction. VASER-assisted liposuction, on the other hand, uses an ultrasound device which has a special probe that is effective on the fat tissue but spares the other internal organs. Other aspects of liposuction in this case remain the same as the conventional approach.

VASER offers benefits such as minimal intra-operative bleeding, better skin contraction, lesser post-procedure swelling, and relatively shorter recovery period.

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