Do you know! Having a double, or even a triple chin, is a common condition..

  • Weight gain is the most common reason for the appearance of a double chin but it is not the sole reason.
  • Aging can cause loosened skin which accumulates beneath the chin forming the appearance of a double chin.
  • Sometimes people inherit double chin traits genetically.

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Double Chin Removal

A to Z about Double Chin Removal

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    Treatment methods to get Double chin corrected

    Every patient of double chin is different. What works, well for one, may not be the right solution for your concerns, which is why we suggest you visit our clinic.

    What Double Chin Treatment Can Do/ Can’t Do


    • Removes extra fat layers beneath the jaw.
    • Makes the facial appearance more proportionate.
    • Enhance confidence.
    • Sharpens the face contours.


    • Completely alters the facial ratios.
    • Especially makes the chin narrower or protruding.
    • Helps in facelift as well.
    • Stops future aging.
    Chin Correction Offers Many Benefits

    Double chin arises due to many reasons. It can be due to weight gain or due to genetic traits. Due to the presence of a double chin sometimes the face may look fat and bloated which can be unpleasant for some people. And sometimes such reasons cause lower self-esteem and low confidence. Chin correction can remove the double chin and help people to be more aesthetic, ultimately boosting their confidence.

    Fat gain or obesity can cause the accumulation of fat around the neck. Sometimes medical reasons can also cause the accumulation of fat tissues in the neck area. Genetical reasons are also there to induce fat accumulation in the neck area. Water retention and aging can also make the neck tissues look bloated and stuffy resulting in a heavier-looking neck. All these reasons result in lowering the confidence of the person because of course, the neck area is the most visible and adds beauty to the aesthetics of a person.

    Having a sharp jawline is considered bliss nowadays. Everywhere trends are showcasing strong jawlines as aesthetics traits. But not everyone is blessed with sharp jawlines. Some people struggle with the fluffy and chubby jawline. Some people also consider using makeup to enhance their jawline and make it look sharper. But this can be a lot of time-consuming and of course not permanent.

    The collagen helps the cells to stick more tightly which means the collagen provides elasticity to the skin cells. Our body has a whole cycle for collagen production which helps in tightening and stimulating skin elasticity. But due to aging, the skin starts losing collagen which ultimately results in loosened skin. This creates issues like jowls around the face and loosened overall skin. This also induces wrinkles on the skin.

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    The risk involved in Double Chin Removal?

    Any cosmetic surgery is worked by altering the natural appearance and defies nature in some way. So as with every other cosmetic surgery double chin removal also holds few risks. Let’s discuss some of them. Sometimes after removing the double chin fat tissues the facial features appear to start looking asymmetric. This can cause a whole unsatisfactory appearance for the patient. During the surgical procedures for chin double chin removal, the doctors use anesthesia, and sometimes it can cause complications like problems in breathing, etc. Unexpected scarring can also occur which alters the facial appearance.

    Cost of Double Chin Removal?

    The cost of double chin removal in India varies depending upon the associated procedures taken along with the surgery. The experience of the surgeon and facilities of the clinic also determines the cost of double chin removal surgery.

    The estimated double chin removal cost in Delhi.  The cost of double chin removal is 50000 onwards. If you are planning on getting double chin removal in Delhi then contact us now. Our clinic provides the best double chin surgery in India under the supervision of Dr. Amit Gupta.

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    FAQ’s For Nose Fillers

    Double chin removal surgery helps to get rid of loose skin tissues and muscles under the chin and around the jaw area. It targets the tissues which have lost their elasticity.

    Double chin surgery can last for years and even for a lifetime if the patient follows a healthy lifestyle and focuses on a healthy diet and continues exercise.

    The best possible treatment for any patient varies according to the condition of the case and the requirements of the patient. The doctor chooses the best possible procedure depending upon the expectations of the patient.

    Though the most common reason for the double chin is weight gain there are various other possible reasons as well for double chin formation. These can be genetic or due to aging, bad posture, other medical conditions, etc. so such issues cant be resolved just by losing weight.

    The downtime depends upon the method chosen for the removal of the double chin and the condition of the patient and the healing process. Though the general period for complete healing ranges from 1 to 2 months.


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