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    About Dr. Amit Gupta

    Dr. Amit Gupta is a super-specialist aesthetic surgeon who has helped patients live better lives all across the globe! Dr. Amit Gupta is also the founder and director of Divine Cosmetic Surgery, which is located in South Delhi. He also has an aesthetic center in NCR city of Gurgaon.

    Dr. Amit Gupta is famous for operating out of several cities in India. This is one of the biggest reasons why he has been able to help thousands of patients every single year! Dr. Amit Gupta is a very well-renowned expert in 4D body contouring, Tummy tuck, gynecomastia, and hair transplants.

    Dr. Amit Gupta has also completed his entire training from MAMC, Delhi. He has completed his Fellowship in Cosmetic Procedure from Europe and Brazil. He has the largest experience with VASER procedures in North India. Currently, Dr. Amit Gupta is working on the mission of setting up the largest aesthetic surgery center in India and a training center of Excellence for Plastic Surgeons worldwide.

    Minimally invasive of Gynecomastia Surgery

    Minimally invasive gynecomastia surgery is done under local anesthesia. This is done after numbing the area of the treatment. The treatment involves a single 4 mm incision on the lateral aspect of the chest. The more skilled the surgeon is, the less visible the scars will be.

    Why Choose for Gynecomastia surgery?

    Why choose Divine Cosmetic Surgery?

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    Further, Divine Cosmetic Surgery is founded and directed by Dr. Amit Gupta. And currently, he is on a mission to provide all his patients with the best cosmetic surgical procedures ever! This makes sure that if you are coming to Divine Cosmetic Surgery, then you can rest assured that all your problems will be finally put to rest. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us right now and get a free consultation!

    Permanent Treatment for Gynecomastia

    The best part about gynecomastia surgery is that the results are visible immediately. Further, with time, the swelling will go down and the incision line will fade. This means that you will be satisfied with the gynecomastia surgery results immediately and this satisfaction will grow over time! On top of all this, with a good lifestyle, you can make sure that these results are permanent.

    What is Gynecomastia?

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    Some symptoms of gynecomastia are chest tissue swelling and tenderness. Treatment for gynecomastia is not required in some cases. This is why one must contact a cosmetic surgery specialist to check whether one qualifies for a gynecomastia surgery or not. We at Divine Cosmetic Surgery can help with that.

    Grades of Gynecomastia

    Gynecomastia Procedure cost in Lucknow

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    Most insurance providers also do not provide cover for gynecomastia. This is why considering the price of gynecomastia is a very important step in getting gynecomastia surgery. This is why to further help their patients, the medical team at Divine Cosmetic Surgery also provides an easy EMI facility to all patients.


    Other financing plans for gynecomastia surgery are also available. All of this is done to ensure that the main concern of the patients is to get the best quality cosmetic surgery and not the price of the surgery.


    So, don’t wait anymore! Get the best cosmetic surgery done at Divine Cosmetic Surgery today!

    Benefits of "Minimal Invasive" Gynecomastia (Scarless Treatment)

    Minimally Invasive vs Traditional

    Minimally Invasive


    Incision Size 1-2 CM3-4 CM
    Recovery TIme1 Week 2-4 Weeks
    Success rateVery HighLow
    Skin tighteningUniformNon-Uniform
    Chance of ScarsInvisibleMight Leave Scar
    Anesthesia RequiredLocalGeneral

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Hormonal changes, increase in estrogen or decrease in androgens, aging, use of drugs, steroids or supplements, alcoholism, liver failure, brain tumors.
    You can start a workout after 7 days after surgery
    No, generally not. But, if one can start the consumption of steroids again, then probably, Gynecomastia occurs again.

    Symptoms are chest enlargement, swelling, discomfort, or lumps

    No, surgery is the only treatment as any oral treatment can increase the chances of cancer.
    If you are suffering from a lack of confidence because of excess fat or muscle in your chest area and if you have realistic expectations of the gynecomastia surgery, then you are the right candidate for it.
    We cannot be advised to take supplements after surgery because they might have steroids in it and if one can take steroids Gynaecomastia is likely to happen again because it will increase estrogen levels in the body which will result in an extension of the gland however if any supplement which is not having any steroid he might take that.
    Gynecomastia surgery classifies as elective cosmetic surgery. Because of this, the surgery might not be covered by your health insurance. At the same, there are health insurance policies that cover cosmetic surgeries. You need to check this with your insurance provider to get a definite answer.

    3-4 weeks are mandatory to wear a pressure garment and shirt over it.

    The chances of any complication occurring after gynecomastia surgery are very low. But still, if there are complications, then those complications will be handled by the senior surgeon at the clinic.
    The total price of gynecomastia surgery will depend on the extent of the procedure, required results, skills of the surgeon, hospital selected for the surgery, quality of post-operative care, and many other factors. To get the final gynecomastia surgery cost in Lucknow, you should contact your cosmetic surgeon.

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